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Progress Update | 2018/08/04

Our progress update report is here again!

Before getting into the details, we have injected most of our effort in the planning and execution of our imToken 2.0 product launch on the 31st of July.

imToken 2.0 is officially launched. Download it directly on our website, or in the apple app store and google play store.

We have also published a separate article on all the awesome new features that we introduced in imToken 2.0. If you haven’t already, I highly recommend to take a look here.

Technical Updates

User Experience

The launch of imToken is a new beginning for us, we will still be collating the feedback from our users and continue to improve the product to better serve our users.

Updates over the past two weeks:

  • Improvement on push notifications, including trade authorization and wallet import on new devices
  • Fixed bugs and compatibility issues on certain device models

EOS wallet support

There were many suggestions to improve imToken’s EOS wallet capabilities and we have dedicated development resources into it and we are happy to announce some of the amazing new updates along with the launch of imToken 2.0:

  • Enabled export of EOS wallet private key and mnemonic passphrase
  • EOS accounts permission view
  • EOS tokens display and transactions
  • Improved EOS account creation flow
  • Improved EOS Staking and reclaiming procedures

Decentralized Exchange: Tokenlon

Tokenlon is the native decentralized exchange built by imToken, making an advancement towards the ideal world with frictionless digital assets flow. We are putting in much thoughts and considerations to further improve the user experience, along with upgrades done by our partner, Kyber Network.

Updates for the past two weeks:

  • Enhanced IEX functionalities, supported Kyber 2.0
  • Added ERC20 to ERC20 token swaps
  • Automatically include new trading pairs from Kyber

Community update

Besides the first ever launch event in Singapore, we have tons of exciting updates on the community side as well. Never stop moving, hitting multiple places around Asia within a short span of time.

NIFTY Blockchain Conference

Philipp was invited to be on a panel along with John Fiorelli (Kenetic Capital), Emre Tekisalp (Coinbase), and Donnie Dinch (bitski) at the NFT Blockchain Gaming Conference and Hackathon on July 24, jointly hosted by Kenetic Capital and Decentraland, see here.

Taken at NIFTY in Hong Kong, hosted by Kenetic Capital and Decentraland
Taken at NIFTY in Hong Kong, hosted by Kenetic Capital and Decentraland

Learnt and shared a lot with the participants, you should be able to guess that ERC721 + imToken is not too far down the horizon now.

Korea Beyond Block conference

Kenny, Shirley and Yongkhang attended the Korean Beyond Block Conference in Seoul on July 18th. They were in awe with the vibrant and bustling city of Seoul, especially when it comes to the blockchain industry.

The Beyond Blocks Summit tickets were sold out way before the event, renowned projects flew in from all over the world to meet up with each other.

There were also many different meetups and events during the week, really an event-packed week for us.

We have also attended the Hashed Brunch Event (with amazing thoughtful cupcakes), Dfinity with KryptoSeoul meetup, Aelf Signum Capital Arrington Capital’s warmup event etc.

Korea EOS community conference

We were also invited by EOSNodeOne to attend the EOS Community Conference pre-event party, had the chance to meet up with so many different Block Producers for the first time face-to-face. And we also got to witness a live BP meeting during the event itself, pretty exciting!

Nervos Network Meetup

Our Chief Software Architect, Kai attended the Nervos Network meetup in Hangzhou on July 27th, to share his opinions on the blockchain technicals and ecosystem. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to share our knowledge and understanding of the technology.

imToken 2.0 Launch Event

It’s a wrap! A successful launch event with so many friends and partners from all over the world.

Our sincerest gratitude to Matthew from Etherscan to help us moderate the panel on the topic: The Next Generations of Exchange. Along with Michael from Amber AI, Shaun from Digix, Loi from Kyber Network, Pan Chao from MakerDAO, Ben shared his opinions on the future of exchanges, revolving mainly around our very own native decentralized exchange: Tokenlon!

The event venue was packed with around 100 attendees. Shoutout to Tech in Asia for helping us with the organisation of the event!

“Be a pioneer,
be a challenger,
Skip the chaos,
ship the product.”
— Ben, 2018


There is one more thing before you go, we are still expanding our family. If you are interested, you can take a look at our comprehensive career page right here.

For more information about imToken

imToken Website:
Telegram Announcement Channel:
Telegram Discussion Channel (EN):
Telegram Discussion Channel (CN):




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