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Progress Update | 2018/09/28

We have released our 2.1.0 version for both Android and iOS!

Technical Updates

User Experience

For imToken 2.1.0, improvements made over the past few weeks:

  • Upgraded app navigation system, enhanced the overall stability of the app.
  • Improved app start-up speed.

For imToken 1.4.9, improvements made over the past few weeks:

  • Fixed some reported compatibility issues on certain Android phone models, including words display and overlapping toolbars.
  • Added screenshots of imToken app on the iOS Appstore.
  • Strengthened verification checks on invalid Private Keys to import wallets.

EOS Wallet Improvements

With the rapid growth of the development on EOS and the expanding EOS community, we are always engaged in discussion with different industry players on how we can provide better wallet services to users and developers in the community.

On EOS wallet segment, updates over the past few weeks:

  • Improved compatibility with mainstream EOS wallets.

Upgraded the derivation method of EOS Private Key with reference to the community standards. Users are required to update the Public Keys for EOS wallets and conduct assets transfer to the updated wallet with just one-click. Our security team made sure that there is no possibility of asset compromisation for our users, so fret not!

  • More payment options for EOS account creation.

Introduced more options for users to create EOS accounts, to pay via ETH or seek assistance from imToken team. Just a bonus, users with more than 3 TFT (TokenFans Token) will be eligible for one free creation of an account!

Bugs Fixed

Our in-house QA team is constantly testing the limits of our system and scrutinizing on the codes, ensuring that there are no stones left unturned. Over the past few weeks, some minor bugs were found and fixed thanks to their hard work.

For imToken 2.1.0:

  • Errors on executions of EOS transactions due to long passwords.

For imToken 1.4.9:

  • Verifications of high-risk contract addresses at token transfer page.

If you would like to see more new functions, feel free to let us know on our Twitter or Reddit.

Coming Up

Just to provide a slight glimpse to the future, in our next update, version 2.1.1, there will be a revamped support center. Besides newly updated content, this new support center will have improved navigation page, better search functions, topic suggestions and more to be excited about!

Stay tuned for more updates!

Community updates

The past few weeks were packed with activities! Our team members went around the globe, spreading the imToken name with different communities.

Be ready for a series of pictures.

ETH Berlin

Philipp (Business Development Director) met some of the brightest minds in the industry at the ETH Berlin, from 7 to 9 September 2018. Hackathon, a series of workshops and talks by different projects, displayed the vibrancy of the Ethereum blockchain development climate, beneath all the talks about prices.

A simple blogpost is not enough to summarise the whole event, one thing we found useful is the ETHBerlin blog, you can find some nice information and reviews for ETH Berlin, particularly in this post.

Try to spot Philipp here!

Berlin Blockchain Week Meetup

Besides taking part in ETH Berlin, Philip also co-organised a meetup with Nervos Network, Origin Protocol, Kyber Network and Cosmos, who sat down and discussed about the cultural differences in crypto space between the East and the West.

MakerDao, imToken Shanghai Meetup

And on the week after the Berlin Blockchain Week, Kai (Chief Software Architect) and Mako (Head of Business Operations) was invited to speak at a meetup organised by MakerDao at Neutrino Shanghai.

Kai shared about imToken 2.0 during the meetup, the features and roadmap of imToken. Coming from a technical background, Kai broke down many technical details into bitesize information that can be easily understood by the audience.

Mako was invited to a panel joined by MakerDao, EthFans, ConsenSys and Bihu. They discussed about mainstream adoption of blockchain technology and what is the real killer app for blockchain. Mind-boggling ideas and opinions were exchanged between the panelists and the audience shared many interesting thoughts on the same topic as well.

Vietnam Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets Dialogue (CDAD) 2018

Shirley, Mako and Yongkhang went to Hanoi Vietnam to take part in the Vietnam Cryptocurrency and Digital Assets Dialogue (CDAD) between 15–16 September.

Our first visit to Vietnam was met with enthusiasm from the Vietnamese users of imToken. The presence of many reputable local technical universities around Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City resulted in a large pool of young developers, who are eager to explore the mysteries of the blockchain world.

Yongkhang also had the opportunity to share imToken 2.0, along with some thoughts about Vietnam’s blockchain ecosystem for the Ministry of Justice (in audience). The conference was also joined by some industry heavyweights including but not limited to Vitalik Buterian (Ethereum), Loi Luu (Kyber Network), Long Vuong (Tomochain), and more.

There are so much opportunities for imToken in Vietnam, it is definitely one of the area we want to focus on as part of our global expansion plan.

Consensus Singapore/ Singapore Blockchain Week

Last but definitely not the least, the imToken team participated in the Singapore Blockchain Week from 17–21 September 2018, with the Consensus Singapore conference on 19 and 20 September.

Ben (Founder and CEO) was invited to share his thoughts in a panel at Consensus Singapore, along with HTC Exodus, Coinbase Wallet and Opera Browser, moderated by Jon Russel from Techcrunch. The discussion revolved around wallet as a consumer facing product, how can it contribute to the mainstream adoption of blockchain technologies and what are some of some challenges faced by wallets. Comparisons were drawn from traditional digital wallet service providers like Alipay and what blockchain wallets can adopt from their strategies.

“The landscape of crypto wallet apps is very much different from traditional payment apps on mobile like AliPay because user education about private keys storage is a major part of our job” — Ben He

Many events were happening at the same time throughout the week. Ben returned with many fresh ideas to ponder upon. How will imToken evolve from where we are now?

Private dinner event organised by Kyber Network

Coming up

All hands on deck for the preparation of DevCon 2018 on the 30 October 2018. We will have a booth at the conference, and we have more exciting news to share with you guys. If you are planning to attend, don’t forget to say hi to us!


One more thing before you go, we are still expanding our family. If you are interested, you can take a look at our comprehensive career page right here.

For more information about imToken

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