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Progress Update | 2018/10/12

We have released our 2.1.2 version for both Android and iOS!

Technical Updates

Special Mention: Revamped Support Center

With this iteration, our in-app support center has gotten a brand new look!

The support center is meant to be a library of self-help information for users to explore, providing the most immediate solutions. The brand new support center is broken down into two main sections: the frequently asked questions which can help answer some of the burning questions you have and comprehensively categorized topics for easier navigation around our support center.

If you have any suggestions for us to further improve it, do let us know on our Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram.

User Experience

We worked on some of the feedback received from users for the past few weeks and for imToken 2.1.1, improvement made over the past few weeks on the user experience front:

  • Improved Instant Exchange display rate. Upgraded the algorithm to obtain exchange rate from Kyber contract, lowered the differences between the displayed and actual rate, minimized the probability of failed trades.

EOS Wallet Improvements

EOS development and community seems to be growing perpetually and we did not slow down our discussion with different industry players on how we can provide better wallet services to users and developers alike in the community.

We are proud to share some of the development we have done on our very own EOS wallet, which we believe will significantly improve users’ satisfaction.

Updates over the past few weeks:

  • Optimized EOS assets page, simpler access to different features.
  • Smoother EOS account creation flow with a decreased probability of errors on account creation.
  • Fixed the cause of error for EOS transactions resulted from node upgrading works.

Bugs Fixed

Our in-house QA team is constantly testing the limits of our system and scrutinizing on the codes, ensuring that there are no stones left unturned. Over the past few weeks, some minor bugs were found and fixed thanks to their hard work.

Bug Fixed for imToken 2.1.2

  • Fixed cause of error for EOS transactions resulted from node upgrading works.

If you would like to see more new functions or updates, feel free to let us know on our Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram.

Stay tuned more updates!

Community updates

The past few weeks include the week of celebration, the Golden week in China! Some of the team took a few days off to recharge their energy, but the operations did not slow down. That is the beauty of a more international workplace, with staff across different continents and time zones to ensure our users’ queries are well taken care of. We are not perfect in this aspect yet, but this is definitely is our to-do list.

Anyway, we are glad for some major partnerships we have forged for the past few weeks. The strategic partnerships will propel imToken further forward, to become to go-to product for digital assets management!


On September 27th, we announced the strategic partnership with Circle, following their launch of USDC stablecoin (congratulations on the launch!). Circle, with products including the Poloniex, Circle Invest, Circle Pay, and Circle Trade aim to connect everyone, everywhere to exchange just about anything of value.

We supported USDC’s token profile and storage of the asset along with the announcement, with USDC acting as Tokenlon’s (our native decentralized exchange) base trading pair in the pipeline right now.

Our founder and CEO, Ben mentioned:

“USDC provides a hedging option for traders, a “safe harbor” for the cryptocurrency price volatility; the room for imagination is endless for USDC, combining both the stability of fiat currency and the flexibility of cryptocurrency. We are excited about the strategic partnership between imToken and Circle, I strongly believe that this partnership will translate into more robust financial services for our users in the near future.”

There will be more exciting collaborations with Circle coming soon!

Minds + Machine Group Limited (MMX)

On October 9th, we announced the strategic partnership with Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX), a world-renowned sales and marketing led owner of new generic top-level domains.

Back in mid-2017, we introduced a native ENS Pro DApp for users to auction for .eth domain names, and it accounted for more than 20,000 ENS registration to date.

Following the announcement of collaboration between MMX and Ethereum Name Service (ENS) for the introduction of .luxe domain names, we will contribute by enabling ethereum users to seamlessly register for .luxe domain (stands for “Lets U Xchange Easily”) with imToken, which allows transaction executions, interactions with smart contracts or even to name Cryptokitties, similar to that of a .eth domain name.

After more than one year of operations, more than 300,000 .eth domain names were auctioned off, with darkmarket.eth auctioned off at the record price of 20,103 eth, more than USD 420,000 at that time. Do you think the domain name ecosystem will be the next killer DApp? Let us know what you think.

Coming up

All hands on deck for the preparation of DevCon 2018 on the 30 October 2018. We will have a booth at the conference, and we have more exciting news to share with you guys. If you are planning to attend, don’t forget to say hi to us!


One more thing before you go, we are still expanding our family. If you are interested, you can take a look at our comprehensive career page right here.

For more information about imToken

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