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Progress Update | 2018/11/23

We have released our 2.1.4 version for both Android and iOS!

Technical Updates

Special Mention: Support Transactions with .xyz and .luxe Domain Names

With imToken 2.1.4, you can now ‘connect’ your .luxe or .xyz domain names with your ethereum wallet address, bridging the services between traditional domain names and ENS. You can now purchase .luxe domain names and bind your ethereum wallet address to experience transactions with .luxe domain names. We will also release relevant tutorials for the above-mentioned.

If you have any suggestions for us to further improve it, do let us know on our Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram.

EOS Wallet Improvements

EOS development and community seems to be growing perpetually and we did not slow down our discussion with different industry players on how we can provide better wallet services to users and developers alike in the community.

We are proud to share some of the development we have done on our very own EOS wallet, which we believe will significantly improve users’ satisfaction.

Updates over the past few weeks:

  • Enhanced DApp browser functionalities with improved compatibility with MetaMask (ETH) and Scatter (EOS), released full support for the DApp ecosystem;
    Simply search for the relevant supported DApps in the search field above to have a taste of different Ethereum and EOS DApps.
  • Released automatic EOS token discovery and management, you will be able to easily manage all your EOS tokens;
    According to EOSPark statistics, more than 2499 tokens were issued on the EOS blockchain and if you have the tokens in your wallet, it will automatically show up in imToken 2.0!
  • Introduced an emergency CPU rental function, you are now able to stake your EOS for CPU for your friends and choose to reclaim it to your own account;
  • Introduced the EOS Recovery DApp. If you have yet to conduct EOS mapping, with the help of EOS Recovery DApp, you can now recover your EOS on mainnet directly from your unmapped ETH wallet address;
  • Optimized EOS resources management page, enabled resources staking for friends.

If you would like to see more new functions or updates, feel free to let us know on our Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram.

Stay tuned more updates!

Community updates

Over the past two weeks, three small squad teams from imToken went both North and East to meet up with our friends and fans in the ecosystem.

TokenFans Taiwan Meetup

We have crossed the sea to hold our first ever across-the-sea TokenFans meetup happened on November 22nd at Taipei, Taiwan. The meetup was jointly hosted with Joyso and CoolbitX, both our partners from Taiwan.

Ben (CEO), Mako (BD) and Simon (CM) all went on stage to share about imToken 2.0 with the crowd. They were pleasantly surprised with the enthusiasm from the crowd and the quality questions and feedback the attendees shared with us. The crypto community in Taiwan may not be the biggest, but it indeed made us feel really welcomed and excited to watch for future development there.

Almost full house!

And the crypto-specific cocktail menu at Bithub, I reckon many were attracted there for the fanciful drinks.

Fancy a glass of “To The Moon”?

Taiwan has been nice to us, we will definitely come back again, for the community, the development and the FOOD.

Worlds’ First Blockchain Domain Press Conference, Beijing

We was also given the opportunity to attend and speak at the Worlds’ First Blockchain Domain Press Conference in Beijing on November 22nd.

Kai’s presentation

Kai (Chief software architect) and Gerry (Branding) both attended the conference and Kai went on stage to share about the ENS Pro DApp we developed, bringing the convenience of ENS or to a certain extent DNS to imToken 2.0.

Singapore Fintech Festival: 80RR Labcrawl

The imToken Singapore team was invited to speak at the 80RR Labcrawl event held as an official side event of the Singapore fintech festival 2018. The event hosted fintech delegates from all over South East Asia countries, allowing the participants to immerse in the cross-cultural interaction and insights sharing the atmosphere.

Yongkhang’s presentation

The experience brought us closer to the fintech community here in Singapore and we believe this is a major leap for us, for both blockchain and fintech projects to find ways to collaborate on providing convenience without compromising security for the masses.

TL;DR Announcements

imToken Supports ERC 721 collectibles, with Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is here on imToken 2.0 and they are here to stay. Let’s first admire the awesome artwork in our announcement post, all the details and step-by-step guide to access them with imToken 2.0 are inside.

If you have not, please spare some time to check out their gameplay video. It’s eye-gasmically satisfying.

Stay tuned on our social media channels, Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram to get updates on campaigns and events coming up!

Send ETH via Link & Text Message

Wait what? Yes you heard us right, you can now send a small amount of ETH to the ETH2 DApp on your imToken 2.0. The Dapp then generates a link that anybody can use to receive the ETH. Use it to onboard your friends or as a christmas gift.

Interested now? Have a look here.

Coming up

We are a proud sponsor of ETHSingapore 2018, happening on the 7–9th of December (two weeks time). Will be really happy to meet all the hackers, join us if you are looking for a satisfying yet challenging development job! Details in the next segment!


One more thing before you go, we are still expanding our family. If you are interested, you can take a look at our comprehensive career page right here.

About imToken

imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, whose users produce ~10% of all Ethereum transactions. imToken provides access to Ethereum, BTC and EOS.

Our amazing new imToken 2.0 International introduces features, such as:

  • BTC Segwit, ETH, EOS wallet support
  • Address book synchronized over IPFS
  • Native DEX integration: Tokenlon
  • Secure Cold Wallet setup
  • Updated DApp browser
  • DApp News Feed

Get the new imToken 2.0 in your favorite app store (iOS, Android) or on our website.

In case of questions, write us an Email



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