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Progress Update | 2018/12/08

We have released our 2.1.5 version for both Android and iOS!

For our existing 1.0 users, we have released 1.5.0 version for both Android and iOS as well, and there is a surprise for you, find out more below!

Technical Updates

With imToken 1.5.0 and 2.1.5, you can now migrate your wallets from imToken 1.0 to imToken 2.0 with just one-click.

We released the imToken 2.0 at the end of July 2018, during our first ever launch event held in Singapore. Since then, we worked day and night to improve and enhance the functionalities of the 2.0 version so that you will be able to enjoy a true one-stop cryptocurrency wallet experience.

Find out more about the awesome features in imToken 2.0!

However, we have received feedback from users that the processes to migrate from imToken 1.0 to imToken 2.0 are arduous and tedious, there were simply too many steps involved.

With that, we worked on a solution that will help you seamlessly migrate your wallets from your current 1.0 version directly into imToken 2.0. We have also prepared a simple video tutorial to help you with the process.

If you have any suggestions for us to further improve it, do let us know on our Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram.

Albeit the primary focus for the past two week was placed on the migration process, but fret not, we have not neglect the development and maintenance of other functions in our 2.0 version.

Updates over the past few weeks:

  • Enabled the ‘backup later’ function;
    You can now experience all the exciting features of imToken 2.0 right away and conduct the backup process later. Please be reminded to always backup your wallet securely though.
  • Introduced a one-click CPU rental function;
    Always running out of CPU? You can now rent EOS CPU with a single click;
  • Optimized version upgrade reminder to notify you when there new exciting updates are available.

If you would like to see more new functions or updates, feel free to let us know on our Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram.

Stay tuned more updates!

Community updates

Over the past two weeks, we have been busy extending our reach across different countries, to demonstrate and encourage users to try out imToken!

We have landed in Australia for the very first time, supporting and sponsoring the biggest hackathon event to date in Sydney organised by Bitfwd!

Credits to bitfwd

The intense hackathon happened between 23–25 November, with more than 10 unique teams hacking their way through the whole event.

More information can be found at the official summary by bitfwd themselves here.

My personal favourite is the winners of the People’s Choice Award, Baxter and Liam who are just 11 years old!

Photo credits to bitfwd

Definitely loving the memes and stickers by the organizing team, kudos kudos!

Harry from our Korea team attending the BUIDL Seoul conference organised by the KryptoSeoul team on 29 and 30th November.

BUIDL Seoul 2018 is a technical, academic forum in which developers and academics exchange their ideas and present on working protocols, products, and academic research in blockchain technology. It is the first real effort in Korea to bring together diverse individuals and projects that are actively building in the space.

Quite a packed room!

The turnout is amazing despite the winter (in both literal and crypto sense) climate we are experiencing right now, great event!

If you are interested to go through the presentation, they have a youtube channel specially for that, check out:

We are a proud sponsor of ETHSingapore 2018, happening on the 7–9th of December. Ben will be giving a talk to share more about DApp browser in general as well as involved in a panel on privacy. Will be really happy to meet all the hackers, join us if you are looking for a satisfying yet challenging development job! Details in the next segment!

TL;DR Announcements

Compound made the first appearance in imToken 2.0 on December 3rd, it is one of the best and most useful DeFi products we have seen in the market.

The Compound DApp allows you to easily earn interest on your tokens; just supply your assets to Compound, and begin immediately earning the specified interest rate.

Currently Compound supports ETH, ZRX, REP, BAT, and DAI. Interest rates for these tokens fluctuate, and have ranged from 0.02% — 20.0% annualized in the past several weeks. As Compound continues to build features, add assets, and acquire partners, these interest rates will become more and more attractive.

And not only can you earn interest on your tokens, but you can also use Compound to borrow tokens, to use them or trade them anywhere — try it out with imToken’s own built-in DEX!

Stay tuned on our social media channels, Twitter, Reddit, or Telegram to get updates on campaigns and events coming up!

What does this mean? Leverage! Yes, you heard us right, the collateralized debt position (CDP) by the MakerDAO team allows you to collateralized your ETH in the smart contract and issue DAI (1 DAI is pegged to 1 USD). And not surprising that now you can do all these in imToken 2.0.

For more information, have a look here.

Decentraland’s first LAND auction concluded in January 2018, with a total of over 161 million MANA spent, which equaled roughly 30 million dollars at the time. There are still over 9,300 unclaimed parcels of LAND, and an auction aims to provide a fair and equal opportunity to everyone to obtain new parcels of unowned LAND.

We’re getting closer and closer to the start of the second LAND Auction, with only a few days left before it kicks off. Let’s get ready for it in imToken 2.0!


One more thing before you go, we are still expanding our family. If you are interested, you can take a look at our comprehensive career page right here.

About imToken

imToken is the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet, whose users produce ~10% of all Ethereum transactions. imToken provides access to Ethereum, BTC and EOS.

Our amazing new imToken 2.0 International introduces features, such as:

  • BTC Segwit, ETH, EOS wallet support
  • Address book synchronized over IPFS
  • Native DEX integration: Tokenlon
  • Secure Cold Wallet setup
  • Updated DApp browser
  • DApp News Feed

Get the new imToken 2.0 in your favorite app store (iOS, Android) or on our website.

In case of questions, write us an Email



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