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Update | imToken 2.3.1 Released, Supporting the Original USDT

We are happy to introduce the new version of imToken 2.3.1!

👉 imToken 2.3.1 update 🐳

  • 💰 Supporting the original #USDT based on Omni Protocol
  • 🔐 Preventing Screenshots of sensitive information
  • ⛓️ Optimize sorting function in Token Assets Management

Supporting USDT — use imToken to one-stop manage your stablecoins

Stablecoins, for the blockchain, play a role in stabilizing the market. They let market participants have a place to go when risk events occur, without having to cash back into fiat. As a result, we can easily access legal currency and cryptocurrency, greatly promoting the acceptance of cryptocurrency.

imToken supporting USDT is an inevitable choice, making financial services at your fingertips is one of our goals. If you are a participant in this market, you can now easily manage your USDT with imToken.

Since the USDT is based on the Bitcoin Omni protocol, so imToken displays the USDT as a token on the bitcoin blockchain.

Most of the stable coins in the market are based on Ethereum and are supported by imToken. With the new version of support for USDT, you can now use imToken to complete one-stop management of all kinds of popular stablecoins.

Backup page anti-screenshot reminder

We often see cases of asset security incidents due to improper storage of Mnemonics. In order to better remind users of the importance of Mnemonics, in the new version, we added security tips for anti-screenshot on the backup page, but as a decentralized, non-custodial wallet, the final choice is still left to the user.

Upgrade from imToken 1 to the latest imToken 2.0

  1. Android users: Download the latest 2.0 version from imToken website,;
  2. iOS users: Download the latest 2.0 version from App Store.
  3. imToken has released version 2.0. For 1.0 users, please follow the tutorial below to upgrade 1.0 to 2.0 safely:

If you face any difficulty using imToken or have any comments and suggestions for us, please submit your feedback directly within the app.

Stay safe!

  1. Before upgrading, please make sure that all wallet identities have been backed up properly. Please write down the Mnemonic phrase on a physical paper, never store it in the network;
  2. Please restrain from sharing your private key, Mnemonic phrase or Keystore to anyone! If you find potential hacking activities in imToken, please report to us via email at to prevent more people from being deceived;
  3. Please go through our Help Center at for more detailed information about imToken
… or directly on




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