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Updates and News for November 2020

We have been busy adding support for Filecoin and are working on adding more Chains as well as dApps, while our Tokenlon, has an ongoing trade mining and referral program. More below.

Crypto Asia in Review

We are based in Singapore and China. So here are the news of what happened around us in the past 4 weeks:

In late October, Southeast Asia’s largest bank DBS announced the launch of a cryptocurrency exchange to trade BTC, BCH, ETH and XRP (read on). However, they deleted the page shortly after it was shared widely. We are curious for more news on that.

China’s Central Bank Digital Currency dubbed DCEP (Digital Currency Electronic Payment) is already being tested this month. In early October almost 2 Million people applied for Shenzhen’s digital yuan “Red Packets” (read about it here on 8btc) with currently nearly $1.5 million worth China’s DCEP airdropped to 50,000 citizens in Shenzhen (more here on Decrypt).

Surprisingly, Huawei’s revealed that their newest smartphones come with support for the digital yuan (details here on 8btc).

“Price go up”: Bitcoin goes viral on China’s Weibo as the prices reach $13–14k (read here on 8btc).

After OKEx suddenly closed withdrawals with its founder going missing, users resorted to selling their locked assets with an up to 20% discount in a P2P fashion. Now, peer-to-peer fiat trading for Chinese yuan has been resumed while withdrawals remaining closed (more on The Block).

imToken Product Update

Filecoin Support

Remember the Filecoin mainnet launch? With price jumps from $10 to $200? As always, we worked silently in the background to support yet another chain (read more): Supporting Filecoin and FIL as the 11th chain on imToken (more on our blog).

Decentralized Exchange: Tokenlon

The decentralized exchange (spin-off of imToken), Tokenlon, just started the Genesis Mining program to assign the LON token. The actual token will launch later this year after a broad and fair distribution is achieved. (More on Tokenlon’s blog.)

Security and Other Updates

  • Automatically blurring interface when in background to protect your privacy
  • Risk reminder for first transfers
  • Adding Polkadot and Kusama support; Governance and Staking dApps open sourced (see)
  • Adding wBTC<->BTC conversion (see)
  • Adding WalletConnect support (see)
  • Adding Cosmos governance support; Governance dApp open sourced (see)

Community Update

With the DeFi craze slowly coming back down to earth, we continued adding support for liquidity mining dApps such as DODOEX, Kwenta and Balancer (see our selected DeFi articles here). People then went more for NFTs and we added support for Rarible — an online market for art and more NFTs.

Shanghai Blockchain Week

For many people in China, the last week in October meant joining the yearly Shanghai Blockchain Week. This year, lots of prominent guests like Vitalik joined via video call. Still, people in general enjoyed socializing and talking crypto in person again. With IOSG, Aave and DeBank we organized one day with many many guests. Watch Vitalik’s and many more talks here.

We also had 150 people joining our Ethereum meetup, on 28th October, with ETHfans, ECN, ETHPlanet, ETHTaipei, SparkPool, MYKEY, SNZ. (See picture above.) And Vitalik actually held his talk in Chinese.

We were also invited to speak at some meetups, such as the HashQuark meetup to discuss ETH2.0. Check out the link here (in Chinese, but with pictures (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ).

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