Using imToken to join the Aragon ICO tutorial

Aragon has built an Ethereum DApp that functions as a platform for creating and maintaining decentralized organizations.The token sale is scheduled to start on May 17th and will last 4 weeks until June 14th.
The official Aragon team and imtoken reached the cooperation, imToken has been designated as the safe participation wallet for Aragon together with Mist, Parity, My Ether Wallet and Metamask. They also recorded the teaching video. Currently, imToken ICO DApp ICO Page is already available online.

Aragon Network Token sale summary
- 70/15/15 distribution: 70% will go to purchasers, 15% to the Foundation, and 15% to the founders and early contributors who have worked on the project. The founder and early contributors will all have vesting.
- Uncapped, but with a hidden cap + hard cap for security
- 4 weeks long: It will run for 28 days, or when it reaches the hidden or hard cap
- Two price stages: 100 ANT = 1 ether the first two weeks, then 66 ANT = 1 ether. Like the Ethereum’s sale.

imToken tutorial
Download imToken via , then create or import ethereum wallet. Caution! Please backup the wallet after above operation immediatly. Please prepare the ETH in advance, then you are good to go.

1. Click the “ICO” DApp icon in the Discover tab, then go to the Aragon detail page.

2. Input the amount, click ‘Join ICO’ button, confirm to send the transaction. It’s done.

3. From the “Assets” tab, click the “+” icon, switch on ANT token then you shall see the balance of ANT in the main screen.

Video tutorial:

PC tutorial
On PC, with the ICO DApp, you can join the auction easily with Metamask or Mist.

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