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Wallet security letter #2: Exchange customer service scams

Stay alert!

Exchange customer service scams

One day at noon, I received a call from someone who stated he was from Huobi, a well-known Chinese exchange, and asked if I was Mr. xxx. He informed me that my account was at risk, suspected of black money trading, and the funds had been frozen.

  1. 90% of those scammed have never used a decentralized wallet such as imToken.
  2. Scammers are sophisticated and clearly understand the blind spots of users.
  3. Take advantage of tightening industry regulatory policies and exchange’s business adjustments.
  1. Never give out your mnemonic and private key! Anyone who induces you to give them out is a scammer!
  2. Learn the basics of blockchain wallet security:

Upgraded security system

In Wallet Security Newsletter # 1, we talked about the scammers currently thriving on Tron, airdropping tokens such as OZBT, AAMT, FIL, etc. to users. The information contained in the token airdrop informed the user that they could exchange these tokens for TRX on the official website.


If you recognize any risky DApps or tokens, please report to us via to help more users avoid being deceived.



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