Try MakerDAO’s CDP Portal and win DAI; from Jan 16th to Jan 22nd, 11:59 pm (UTC+8)! Thanks to MakerDAO for making this possible!

Philipp Seifert
Jan 16 · 3 min read

Locking ETH into a CDP lets you create DAI, and win!

Have you heard of PJ, who bought a car using a loan from the CDP mechanism?

He didn’t want to sell his ETH, but locked up ETH in a CDP (short for: Collateralized Debt Position) to generate stable DAI. Later he will pay back the DAI generated to close the CDP and get back his ETH.

Using this mechanism yourself, you can generate DAI, without giving up ownership of your ETH, as long as you make sure that the collateral value stays higher than the outstanding DAI (currently 150%).

Win 4000 DAI until January 22th

Open your imToken 2.0 app -> click on browser -> click on CDP Portal and you will have a chance to win from January 16th 2019 to January 22th 2019, 11:59 pm (UTC+8).

Altogether 4000 DAI are to be won by participating in opening a CDP.

Join through imToken 2.0

Open your imToken 2.0, open Browser, click CDP Portal.
Open a new CDP, then collateralize ≥ 0.01 ETH and win 1–3 Dai (1 Dai = 1 US dollar).

Get imToken in your favorite App Store

Get the new imToken 2.0 in your favorite app store (iOS, Android) or on our website.

Participation Rules

  • Only one chance per person;
  • The rewards will be sent one hour after the collateralization is done;
  • Only eligible for new CDP Portal users (wallet addresses which have not opened a new CDP on CDP Portal before)

Reward rules

  • Newly created CDP, collateralize ≥ 0.01 ETH and win 1–3 Dai! (1 Dai = 1 US dollar)

What is Dai

Developed and managed by the MakerDAO team, Dai operates as a decentralized stablecoin. Collateralized with digital assets, each Dai is pegged to 1 US dollar.

Find out more …

Event disclaimer

The Dai reward will be displayed automatically on the assets page after it is transferred. Otherwise, please add the asset manually by following the instruction below:

  1. Click on the “+” sign on the assets page
  2. Input ‘DAI’ into the search field
  3. Add the asset and turn on the display of Dai token
  4. Refresh the assets page

If you notice that you have not received the Dai, please contact us via

Security Reminder

Please Pay Close Attention on the Collateralization Ratio and Liquidation Price when Opening a New CDP to Avoid Liquidation Risks.

imToken retains all rights for this event.

Get the new imToken 2.0 in your favorite app store (iOS, Android) or on our website.


Digital Assets Within Your Control

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Digital Assets Within Your Control

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