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IMVU Travel: 24/7 Paradise Found — Vacation Vibes Restored

All I need is a little piece of paradise. #Travel #Wanderlust #Paradise #VacationVibesErrDay

Let the waves hit your feet, and the sand be your seat. Vacation vibes get real when we find ourselves in paradise — carefree sensations, tropical air, hot sand, waves, and sunkissed tans. Jump right in, the water is warm.

On IMVU, the world’s largest 3D avatar-based social network, you can travel to incredible destinations and meet friends from all over the world, without ever leaving your computer. With tens of thousands of virtual rooms to choose from, over 200 million users have enjoyed their own escape and found friendship through shared experiences.

As the debut of our IMVU Travel Guide, here are our favorite resort destinations to restore your vacation vibes in IMVU’s virtual paradise. The water is warm, the sun is hot — your 24/7 vacation starts here.

Love Island by Sunraiser

Grab your friends and prepare for a day in paradise. Take a dip in the water with the sea turtles and tropical fish, then relax on a hammock in between the swaying palm trees. For the afternoon, find your adventurous side and take a cruise on the jet ski or fly as high as you can parasailing across the ocean. For the evening, get your dance shoes on and dance under the moonlit sky. This is an adventure in paradise that’s FREE and gives you an opportunity to get your vacay on with your friends.

Exotic Beach by xJ4CKSINx

An open air Granada style villa in the center of this exotic room gives you and your friends an opportunity to chill with the curtains swaying in the ocean breeze. Grab the twin surfboards for a session in the mellow swells of the ocean, then leave them behind and dive off the yacht or relax on the deck. A full day in an oceanside resort with unbeatable access to the beach is the perfect way to indulge in a fun-filled day with your friends.

Lotus Beach by Pinklotus 11

Lotus Beach provides an intimate escape that lends itself as the ideal location for a small group of friends to enjoy sunset volleyball, amazing views, and a Tulum style — thatched roof hut on the water. For those looking for a little more romance, this would be the ideal oceanside location for a destination wedding, complete with a private beach for your honeymoon.

Night Island Resort by JensenAutumn

This picturesque nighttime room is a popular destination for couples looking to chill, listen to music, dance, and relax under the stars. A lighthouse and a crescent moon provide the just the right amount of mood lighting to set the tone for a romantic evening. Get exotic with a camel ride on the water and then relax by the fire under a Balinese style tent. Enjoy the sounds of tropical birds and the lush florals as you soak in the hot springs underneath the palm trees. Paradise under the stars is the ideal way to experience the best of IMVU hotspots.

Are you ready for paradise? It’s time to join the fun on IMVU.

About IMVU
IMVU is a global community of millions of users who come together to celebrate the joy of a shared social experience. Far beyond traditional social media, IMVU users create a whole new experience at the intersection of digital connection and face to face relationships.

IMVU is where the real world comes to play. Today IMVU users enjoy the freedom to live the life they create through customizing highly-stylized avatars, connecting with friends in immersive chat rooms, shopping & stylizing new looks, sharing their experiences, and starring in their own animated emoji. IMVU is a powerful and collaborative world, which also offers an opportunity to make real money using proprietary design tools to create looks and rooms to sell in the IMVU Shop.

The IMVU experience is available on the web, a desktop app, and as an iOS and Android app. In the real world, IMVU is located in Redwood City, California.



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