Greenpoint Gallery’s National Competition 2017 — Enter Now!

Curator Shawn James discusses the fifth annual contest and how the gallery is helping deserving artists get the support they need to follow their passion

Calling all artists!

For the fifth year in row, Greenpoint Gallery is holding its national competition, and any artist who lives in the US and is over the age of 18 — regardless of style and experience — is invited to apply!

Simply submit images of your work and an entry fee of $50 by the September 15th deadline. A jury made up of seven accomplished art world professionals will vote on a winner, and that one lucky — or rather, one talented — artist will receive a $5,000 cash prize and a solo show in New York City!

You don’t have to have an impressive resume or have had your own art show to enter. What the judges are really looking for is someone with promise and passion, who could really use the money to follow their dreams. As for style and subject, there are no rules, but Greenpoint Gallery curator Shawn James did have one thought:

“We’re really looking this year for something that reflects the times that we’re at right now,” he said. “I think it’s safe to say that things are…interesting.”

For more details on the gallery, its mission and this year’s contest, watch the video above or head to You can also click here to apply now!

After all, just because you’re an artist, it doesn’t mean you have to be a starving one…