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Jul 8, 2018 · 2 min read

A Q&A with Lakeside Press

I’ve been chatting to Laura from Lakeside Press about their company and self-publishing authors.

Colin — Your company offers loads of services. Tell us a bit about what your company loves the most about supporting self-publishing authors.

Laura — Our favourite part about supporting self-publishers is handing them their first printed copy of their book. They have poured their heart and soul into their book and get to give it to them in a physical form.

Colin — What do you think are the biggest challenges facing self-publishers, and how does your company them?

Laura — Authors getting caught in a publishing package deal where they pay for services that do not meet their needs. At Lakeside Press we care about our authors and offer a la carte services so they can pick, choose and pay for only those services they need.

Colin — Your website shares 3 of the most common errors made by self pubs (great advice, by the way). If you had any other nuggets of advice, what would they be?

Laura — To hire an illustrator who has previously and successfully illustrated a children’s book. No matter how great your story is, amateurish illustrations will kill your sales.

Colin — You see a LOT of books in your line of work. From your point of view, how is the self-publishing market changing over the years?

Laura — It’s definitely growing because of new production and marketing avenues.

Colin — What are the benefits of working with a smaller company?

Laura — Personal service, high quality, and more product options.

Many thanks to Laura for our little chat. There so much you can learn from companies like Lakeside. This time last year I was preparing my first book, To Die For, and had next to no idea what I was doing. Thankfully, I scraped through with help from some fellow writers. However, I have no doubt that if I’d found a smaller, customer focused company like Lakeside (in the UK) that would have been a great way to get me going.

A year on and I have now self-published four of my own books and support other writers in their work. However, there are still many parts of the self-publishing journey I can offer, which is where companies like Lakeside are great.

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