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A little help makes a big difference

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Jun 16 · 2 min read

Self-publishing can be a dauntingly expensive world for the individual. Without the financial backing of a traditional publisher, or the support of an agent, balancing the small funds we have is a real challenge.

Especially when sometimes all you need is a little help with a little niggle.

Of course, I’m not referring to the big professional jobs like editing or proofreading, book design and so on. These are highly skilled areas and no matter how good a writer you are, for example, that does not mean you are an editor.

Let’s think about the small-scale world of a “favour.” I’ll give you an example. I know how to make a Table of Contents (TOC) work on Microsoft Word. If a writer has their manuscript ready but can’t work out why the TOC isn’t working, there’s a fair chance I can help, and do so very quickly. It’s simple.

Well…it is simple to me because I already know how to do it. However, I bet there are many other functions or formatting issues I can’t get my head around that someone else could help me with in a short space of time.

The best thing to do would be to match me up with someone who knows my problem, and someone who is struggling with, for example, a TOC.

The idea behind Skills On Sundays is for us all to say:

  • I can help anyone with…
  • I need some help with…

Such help needs to be a small favour that could be seen to some time over the following week. No pressure or demand on time or deadline — if it looks too big to fit in over the week, then it’s not fitting into this initiative — because such a demand is something that should require payment.

And this is absolutely not an opportunity to make offers or requests for paid services.

Think of it as an act of kindness, paying it forward kind of thing. I do this all the time with fellow indie writers.

Let’s make this a weekly feature. Each Sunday, we can all post a little “Help…” and a little “I can offer…” and as far as possible, to keep the balance equal.

Enjoy it, make it fun, relieve a little stress, and feel good that you have helped someone in a small way, and that you can tick off that pesky little niggle that has been holding your project back.

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