The Violin Weeps Freddie Mercury

The Queen Symphony, 3rd Mvt. “Who Wants to Live Forever”

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Jun 1 · 2 min read

This is a piece of music that sends chills down my spine and makes me want to weep every time I hear it. It is truly stunning, moving, painful, beautiful — all at the same time.

Tolga Kashif composed an original symphony based on the most popular from Queen’s repertoire. It wasn’t an ordinary classical arrangement of songs at all, it was an original composition. It raises the band’s compositions up to the epic proportions they dreamt of and spoke about.

If you’ve seen the film “Bohemian Rhapsody” you’ll appreciate the ideas of making their music more grand. Something only a full orchestra could capture it. That’s why Kashif composed something new, rather than creating mere instrumental versions of their music.

Who Wants to Live Forever?

A moving song written by Brian May, originally written for the film Highlander. With the power of hindsight, one has to wonder what singing the song was like for Freddie Mercury, given what he was going through. If you don’t know what I meaan — time for some research…

The main musical phrases and melodies capture a new strength. But there is one climatic moment that takes my breath away ever time. You can listen to the whole symphony HERE and after skipping past ads and so on, get yourself to 20.00 mins in and listen. Listen to the melody winding up, tightening like a coil…until…

At around 20.44 the melody hits the bridge of the song where the lyrics would be:

“But touch my tears with your lips
Touch my world with your fingertips…”

This section launches the violin solo up to a new level. So powerful it usually stops me for a moment if it’s playing in the background as I work.

The entire symphony is a joy to listen to, especially if you love Queen’s music. But this movement is one to stop you in your tracks. The weeping violin which for me, somehow, musically, I understand why it is so popular at funerals. It sends people off, releases them, sets them free.

A melody and a lyric, together with its title, coming together so well if defies the need for any more words.

Listen. Enjoy.

Say your goodbyes.

Listen from Here, the start of the whole movement.

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