25 WWE Wrestlers That Used Steroids

How do you think these professional wrestlers obtained those ridiculous physiques, brother? Vitamins?

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Most professional wrestlers look super-human. They look like comic book characters or characters from a Marvel movie.

It’s part of the attraction to kids watching wrestling — they seem out of this world in their physiques and strength.

Have you ever wondered how they gain these physiques?

Great genetics, eating lots of protein, and working out all the time.

And most of the time, steroids.

How many pro wrestlers use steroids? Here are 25 famous professional wrestlers that we have pretty good evidence of their steroid use.

WWE’s well-documented steroids use

What’s the evidence of steroids in pro wrestling?

Besides the way wrestlers look, there is a well-documented culture of steroid use by pro wrestlers across the industry.

Many pro-wrestling stars from the 1980s and 90s have admitted to taking steroids to build their impressive physiques, such as arguably their biggest ever star, Hulk Hogan.

Former WWE star, The Undertaker, spoke out about the culture of pro-wrestlers using steroids, saying that there was a lot of pressure on the performers to look as huge and ripped as possible.

“There was a time when you had to be jacked. Especially with the big guys there was a stigma. You had to be 300 pounds…” — The Undertaker

Steroid ring busts

In 1994, WWE owner Vince McMahon stood trial after the US government accused him of distributing steroids to his wrestlers, to build their physiques and make them more appealing to audiences. McMahon was eventually acquitted.

During the trials, the Justice Department linked McMahon to busted doctor and steroid dealer Dr George Zahorian, saying he “sold steroids and drugs to 43 pro wrestlers, 37 of whom were employed by McMahon’s WWF when deliveries were made,”



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