3 Science-Backed Ways To Sleep Like a Baby Tonight

These small changes can add up to something very big.

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Make sure your room temperature is set between 60–67 °F

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Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine at least 4 hours before bedtime


  1. Stage 1 (NREM)
  2. Stage 2 (NREM)
  3. Stage 3 (NREM)
  4. Stage 4 (REM)


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Minimize blue light exposure in the evening

  1. Enable Night Shift (iOS devices) or a blue light filter on your phone. Night shift essentially shifts the color of the screen to an orange hue which decreases the amount of blue light emitted by the phone. Some android devices also have a similar feature with a different name such as blue light filter, Night Light, etc.
  2. Enable Dark Mode. If your phone doesn’t have night shift, something that may help is dark mode. Dark mode essentially darkens or blackens the phone’s screen so it’s easier and lighter on the eyes at night. Even though it won’t make a difference in the amount of blue light emitted, it will still be far easier on your eyes which can reduce eye strain and headache.
  3. Lower your screen brightness. This is something that a lot of people don’t do. Most people have their screen’s brightness turned up at night which leads to eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, etc. By lowering your screen brightness, your eyes can feel more relaxed and relieved.
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