5 Super Easy Tips to Help Get Addicted to a Healthy Lifestyle

Wake up every day wanting more

Marx D.
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Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash

Pre-pandemic was a great time for my lifestyle. I exercised 4–5 times a week, ate foods filled with nutrients and got outside a lot.

But when the pandemic struck, I turned more inward. Mainly because I was stuck inside and had to.

I started different adventures that weren’t contributing to a healthy lifestyle. I exercised less and ate more fast food. I was inside in front of my computer for hours at a time.

It was a new normal for me that took me years to change. Here’s how I recently got back to my healthy lifestyle.

Start slowly

I didn’t just start running 5 miles every other day. I started slowly and progressed upward.

For me, it started with taking walks. I’d get outside and just walk as far as I could before turning around and coming home.

There’s something about walking that makes me want to pick up the pace. Eventually, I started to run.

I’d run the same path I had been walking and while it wasn’t difficult, it helped me stay consistent. Up until this point, consistency was my main goal. I didn’t set any small goals or anything like that.