7 Easy Tips To Look Younger Longer

How to instantly upgrade your appearance and attractiveness

Thomas Hahn
Apr 17 · 6 min read
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“It’s not how old you are. It’s how you are old.”

— Jules Renard

Then, when I got older, people started thinking that I was younger.

Still, I had never been asked for my ID card, but I heard more compliments about my looks and that others wanted to know my secret about how I maintained such a healthy appearance.

How is it possible to look younger?

Nobody can stop aging. It’s a natural process.

We can drag our aging process out though and look younger than most people of the same age.

If you ever met a person that was in their 50’s or 60’s, who looked and behaved like they were 20 years younger, then you know what I mean.

Wearing this important item outside

If you wear sunglasses, not only does that add a stylish accessory to your outfit but you are also going to look younger for a longer time.

Your eyes are struggling with UV rays when you’re outside and the sun shines. Even if you don’t stare directly into the sun, you squint a lot.

Squinting in the sun is normal. But the more you squint, the more the muscles around your eyes will get stiff and remain in the same position.

How to do it:

Wearing sunglasses makes those muscles relax.

You squint way less than if you didn’t wear them.

So make sure to get at least one decent pair of sunglasses you like wearing and put them up when the sun shines.

Building this important routine

Most people think that washing their face with water in the morning is a good routine, but it’s not.

All this is going to cause is dry skin with wrinkles or acne.

Your skin, if you want it to look healthy, needs to be washed with a washing gel or lotion and afterward moisturized, so it gets essential nutrients for remaining youthful.

If it doesn’t get those, wrinkles will appear frequently and the aging process of your facial skin will be faster.

How to do it:

Switch from only washing your face every morning to washing it with a washing gel or lotion and moisturizing every morning and evening.

It’s recommendable to go to the next drugstore and seek advice from a specialist on which products work best for your skin type.

Moisturizing this important area

The most underrated life hack when it comes to maintaining healthy and youthful skin is to put moisturizer on your neck too during your routine.

As we get older, year by year, the skin in your neck area changes. You might have noticed that many people who are very old have developed hanging neck skin and visible neck wrinkles.

That’s part of the aging process because this area loses its ability to stay hydrated.

Yet, if you moisturize your neck daily, you’ll decrease the speed of how fast that happens enormously and maintain tight neck skin even when you reach old age, which clearly makes you look younger.

Stopping to over-frown

That means avoiding repetitive facial expressions that make you squint all the time.

Just like when you don’t have sunglasses on when you’re outside, you expose your eyes to a lot of radiation through your smartphone, computer, TV, screens, etc.

This makes the underlying muscles in your face contract as you squint a lot.

When you repeatedly do that over years and for many hours a day, the lines and wrinkles will get permanent.

What to do:

  • Massage your face after working long hours in front of the computer.
  • Consider getting professional face masks and treatment from a cosmetician once in a while.
  • Wear Blue-light filter glasses and sunglasses when you’re outside and the sun shines.
  • Install a blue-light filter on your computer. Your eyes and the surrounding muscles will remain more relaxed by that.

Stopping this bad habit

The smokers among you have heard and read a million times how unhealthy this habit is, so I don’t have to repeat the warning.

But smoking is going to speed up how quickly your skin ages.

It weakens your whole blood circulation and your skin can be less adequately provided with nutrients. That’s why smokers mostly look older and age faster.

How to do it:

I never smoked, so I’m not an expert on how to stop smoking.

Yet, I can recommend reading books on addictions and their potential long-term effects. This alone can scare people to stop it.

If you’re deeply addicted, it’s advisable to get professional consultation or joining an anti-smoking program.

Improving the way you dress

Wearing decent clothing that fits you well and brings the best out of your physique, is a game-changer when it comes to looking younger.

If we look good, we feel good.

Dressing sharply is the fastest way to skyrocket your confidence and appear more attractive.

It’s also showing your environment that you’re a sophisticated person and people will automatically treat you with more respect.

How to do it:

Buy new outfits or clothing items if you don’t feel good with what you’re wearing currently.

If you have no clue about how to dress well and putting together outfits for different purposes, you could watch Youtube tutorials on it or get the help of a fashion adviser. There is so much you can do wrong if you don’t know about certain fashion rules.

Drinking more water

Your body needs hydration just as much as oxygen to survive.

When you drink less water than necessary, you’ll get dehydrated.

You won’t die from small dehydration but your skin, your hair, your hands, and your whole body need to remain hydrated if you want to look good.

The human body consists of about 70% water. Your cells need water to function well and bring out the best in your looks.

What to do:

  • Make sure to drink enough water every day. For an adult that’s at least 3 liters.
  • Have a full glass of water or a gallon right next to your workplace. Drink one each hour.
  • Sometimes it can get difficult to drink enough. But try to drink a full glass even if you feel full. Push yourself over that comfort zone restriction. The worst case would be that it’s been too much and you have to go to the toilet sooner.
  • If you don’t like to drink lots of water start with diluted juices and increase the amount of clear water that you drink daily.
  • You’ll see quickly that your skin, hair, and eye color will shine in a new light.

Final Thoughts

Looking young and healthy for a long time is mostly depending on your attitude.

If you think old, you’ll feel and look old.

The above-mentioned tips can massively boost your appearance and how attractive you are perceived by your surroundings. Yet, you shouldn’t neglect working out, getting enough sleep, and eating the right food.

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Thomas Hahn

Written by

Nutrition Coach & Student writing about Dieting, Health, Fitness and Clothing; Living in Vienna 🇦🇹 I My IG: @tommystransformation

In Fitness And In Health

A fast-growing health and fitness community dedicated to sharing knowledge, lessons, and suggestions to living happier, healthier lives.

Thomas Hahn

Written by

Nutrition Coach & Student writing about Dieting, Health, Fitness and Clothing; Living in Vienna 🇦🇹 I My IG: @tommystransformation

In Fitness And In Health

A fast-growing health and fitness community dedicated to sharing knowledge, lessons, and suggestions to living happier, healthier lives.

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