An Unusually Brilliant Way to Get a Good Night’s Sleep in a Shared Bed

Unless you’re Scandinavian, you probably haven’t heard of the 2-duvet system

Ellane W
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4 min readMar 31, 2022


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It’s next to impossible to be healthy, fit and productive if you haven’t had a good night’s sleep. As a long-term insomniac, I know whereof I speak.

Earlier this year I came across an idea that changed my life by improving the quality of my sleep. One of those random-but-not-random FaceBook videos showed me various Indian women giving marriage advice, and one segment really got my attention.

The advice that stood out consisted of only two words: “separate blankets”. The woman’s eyes grew intense as she leaned in to the camera and, while nodding, slowly repeated—“Se-par-ate Blan-kets!”

And just like that, a shining new synaptic path was forged in my brain.

Years of cover stealing — as both perpetrator and victim — flashed before my eyes. Between myself, my husband, and children crawling into the bed in the middle of the night, there was always someone uncovered and uncomfortable.

It never occurred to me that things didn’t have to be like this!

I don’t know about India, but it seems that in Scandinavia and some parts of Europe it’s perfectly normal to have a separate set of covers for each person on a shared bed. One set each for you and your partner, while wandering offspring and pets are trained to bring their own.

This post from Ugly Ducking House describes how one woman made the separate cover system work for her. Funnily enough I learned more from the comments than from the article itself! It looks like the trend may be slowly catching on.

How it works

Two quilts—or duvets—lie on a shared bed. During the day they’re folded in half lengthwise, meetly neatly in the middle. There’s often a folded blanket or bed scarf laid across the end of the bed for a unifying look.

When it’s time to sleep, each person has their own cover. No matter how much one partner moves about, you stay warm and covered under a quilt that’s the right weight for you.



Ellane W
In Fitness And In Health

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