Expert Advice: Tips and Mindset Shifts for Working Out at Home

How to start when it just doesn’t seem important right now

Wendy Belessis
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9 min readJun 14, 2020


Woman working out at home with her dog.

II don’t know about you but the results of being home all day during social distancing and stay-at-home are starting to show.

Mostly on my hips.

I know I’m not the only one. IG is teeming with #quarantine15 and #corona15 pics.

And that’s because indulging in comfort food is easy.

Our world has been turned upside down and we are reeling. And dealing with these events has been downright scary. Nothing else seems as important.

But doesn’t it make sense to use this time doing something good for our bodies, too — like working out?

As gyms and fitness studios remain closed or slowly reopen with only a fraction of their clientele permitted due to social distancing 16% more adults in the United States have looked online to supplement their fitness routines.

In a time where it feels like most normal things are now spiraling out of your control — tried buying toilet paper lately? — it makes sense to take hold of what you can control and what will not only make you feel better now but will positively impact your future: exercise.

The health benefits of regular exercise have been known for decades. And now more than ever keeping a fitness routine is important. Not only for boosting the immune system but for relieving stress and easing anxiety.

Even still, there are those of us not using this odd and surreal free time during social distancing to work out.

For some, it’s the feeling that nothing, including fitness, seems all that important now compared to outrage at current events or the confusion and lingering effects of COVID-19 on our families, income and communities.

But here is where a mindset shift is needed.

Self care is important. And not to be ignored — especially in times of high stress.

It’s not about vanity. Or even freaking out about the extra 15 lbs.

How can you help others without first taking care of yourself? Being mentally charged is a large part of feeling ready for…



Wendy Belessis
In Fitness And In Health

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