How One Simple Latte Can Prevent You From Weight Loss

You may not even notice the primary foe of your diet

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If you want to lose weight, you have to consume fewer calories per day than your body needs to function. Indeed, if you start counting the calories you eat, the weight will decrease. Still, I’ve heard so many cases where people count calories, and the weight doesn’t go off. Let me give you one idea of why this is the case.

Have you thought about the caloric value of your coffee?

Drinking coffee every morning has become so customary that you can equate it with brushing your teeth. Do you often count how many minutes you spend brushing your teeth? Something similar happens with your coffee.

What coffee do you like to drink?

Latte is the most popular type of coffee taken in a coffee shop. It is aromatic, mild, and delicious. By the way, here’s another fact about Latte:

The Starbucks recipe adds 175 ml of semi-skimmed milk. Such a drink has 90 kcal.

Is 90 kcal a lot? I agree with you. It’s not a significant number. But if you drink two lattes a day, that’s 180 kcal. According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2025, that’s 11% of the daily caloric intake for young women.

Isn’t there a latte with more milk? Or perhaps you like to sweeten your drink with a tasty syrup? It’s not going to be about 90 calories anymore.

Switch to coffee with less milk

Milk turns out to be a very caloric product. If you look at the recipe for an Americano, it has as much as 2 kcal.

Perfect diet coffee is coffee without milk.

What do you do if you’re not an espresso lover and not a fan of Americano? Don’t go to extremes. Replace your Latte with a coffee drink where is less milk. Isn’t there such a thing?

Plant milk is not always the answer. For example, oat milk has from 80 to 95 kcal per 175 ml. (depending on the manufacture)

At first, the search may cause you some discomfort. But in time, you will find your ideal coffee, which is less calorie-dense than a latte. You will love this coffee as much as the one you drink today.

A few words about what I drink myself

Drinking coffee is a ritual for me. I love the process of brewing coffee when its smell spreads throughout the room. I love it when a cup of freshly brewed coffee stands in front of me. It’s a beautiful drink that energizes me and motivates me to do great things. The first little sip is always the most delicious.

I love to drink pour-over coffee. It’s a soft drink that doesn’t have the watery taste of an Americano. I have experimentally adjusted the grind and time of water pouring through the ground coffee beans.

Today my homemade pour-over coffee is the most delicious and mildest beverage. And no cappuccino or Latte from a coffee shop can match it.

I hope you enjoyed reading this

Andy D

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