Get Real About Your Weight Loss Goals, Because it All Adds Up — Whether You Like It or Not

When it comes to losing weight, the numbers tell the story

Jill Reid
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4 min readJul 17, 2021

There’s no getting around the truth — no matter how hard you try to ignore it.

Everything in your life counts.

Whether we’re talking about good deeds, miles on the treadmill, or generous acts of kindness, the bottom line is we’re the result of the total sum of our actions. Each decision — even those we choose not to make — forms a part of the whole, contributing in some small or large way to our overall outcome and future.

Our decisions are especially important when it comes to our general health, diet, and what we choose to eat. Because the tally doesn’t always lean in a positive direction.

This personal revelation about the effects of our behaviors and habits eventually arrives, front-and-center. And usually, it’s in the form of weight gain, mental fatigue, and lack of motivation. And that’s when we have to fess up and deal with the consequences.

What we decide to include in our diet counts every day.

And if we’re not happy with the results, we have no one else to blame. Because until we’re willing to face the facts and commit to making a few changes in our lives, the scales are likely to remain unbalanced.

It may be time to make an honest assessment of yourself.

While not a fun or enjoyable exercise, keeping an objective mindset of the choices we make on a daily basis — and the reasons behind them — will provide you with a level of perspective to determine what’s working, and what needs to be cut loose.

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Consider this concept the next time you’re tempted to treat yourself by eating a sugary or fat-laden snack.



Jill Reid
In Fitness And In Health

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