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The Key First Step To Weight Loss That Everyone Misses

It’s vital, and easier than you think

Andy Taylor
In Fitness And In Health
7 min readSep 1, 2021

A common starting point for weight loss goes something like this:

“Right, I’ve had enough, I have to do something about this now, it’s gone too far.”

Sound familiar?

Then, it’s straight into the diet books, apps, weight loss clubs, personal trainers or buying new bits of home gym equipment. Go full speed for a few weeks, then the scales don’t show much progress, or life gets in the way. Perhaps both.

You end up too busy, stressed, hungry and grumpy. And you give up. And you feel worse. So you comfort eat or drink, or both. A few weeks pass and you’re further back than where you started.

You’ve gone beyond the point of no return. Again.

It frustrates me how predictable it is. And trust me, I’ve been round this loop a few times.

Stop And Think

There is another way. And it’s not a new diet plan, or “only eat things that are blue on a Tuesday”. It’s logic. And mindset.

When it comes to food and weight loss, our logic seems to get thrown out of the window. If we were faced with a similar challenge at work, or in pretty much any other area of our lives, we would be calm, logical and make progress.

So how about doing the same with our weight?

When someone cuts their leg, and there’s blood coming out, is your first instinct to amputate? No, you apply pressure, clean the wound and put a plaster on it. You don’t over-react then regret.

My point is this: With weight loss, which is, admittedly a tough nut to crack, we immediately reach for a sledgehammer.

We take drastic action too quickly. We change everything, overnight, set ourselves crazy goals and wildly different ways of living our lives, then wonder why we fail.

With weight loss, most people, including myself, make it way harder than it needs to be.

Let’s try another way…

Break It Down