The Kind of Breathwork I Love

I’ll share five other breathing exercises I use in daily life too

Andy Murphy
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Photo by Dalton Smith on Unsplash

As every good parent knows, there is no favourite child. However, outside of parenthood, we can openly admit to having a favourite food or exercise routine because no one is going to get traumatised. No child will feel left out or unwanted if I choose an apple over a banana or running over swimming because it’s just my personal preference.

So, I’m safe to say that I have a favourite breathwork technique and that I’m excited to share it with you here.

Once I do, I’ll share five other breathing exercises that you can enjoy too.

My Daily Practice

Over the years, I’ve tried Holotropic Breathwork, Conscious Connected Breathwork, Re-Birthing, and Bio-Dynamic Trauma Release Sessions (BBTRS).

They have all been powerful and important moments in my life and have transformed me in many ways.

However, what I was longing for was a shorter breathwork session that I could practice every day. I figured if I could experience the same feeling of peace on a daily basis that I felt during my longer breathwork sessions then I would be onto something special.