The One Fat-Loss Mistake I *Desperately* Want You to Avoid

It single-handedly damaged my health, vitality, hormones, and sanity

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“What happened to you?” my mom’s face went pale.

“Ohh, nothing. This is part of the process, mom.”, I lugged my bags in. “Also, I’m in an oversized hoodie.”, I added.

Her ashen face should have set off danger alarms — but it didn’t.

Obsessed with my “fat loss”, I soldiered on — with black coffee, bland oats, and brutal cardio.

I followed the fat-loss “gurus” (I’d watched/read) with rigid austerity:

  • Religiously tracking my calorie intake.
  • Ignoring the torturous cravings.
  • Doing near-daily ab workouts.
  • Intense cardio 3–4x a week.
  • Lifting heavy in the gym.
  • Weighing myself daily.

Despite all that, I ended up anorexic-looking— not ripped as I’d long envisioned. Alongside body fat — I’d lost valuable muscle mass, strength, and immunity.

Rage, disappointment, and “Where did I(t) go wrong?” doubt plagued me.

A year later, I found the answer.

From fat to skinny (Photos of/by the author)

In that year, I rebuilt my lost muscle mass — and studied the fundamentals of fitness and fat loss.

Excited to test the “answer”, I went on another cut.

This cut was enjoyable and effective. Without excruciating cardio or bland meals, I got “ripped.”

All because I avoided the One core mistake I’d made the first time…

My successful 2nd cut (Photos of/by the author)

The mistake of not realizing that — The Fastest Way to Lose Body Fat Is to Actually Lose It Slowly

Before you abuse me for hyping you up “just” for this, let me expand:

Rushing your fat-loss (in)directly leads to…

  • Severe calorie restriction that hampers your metabolism, immunity, and hormones— all of which, ironically, slow down your fat loss.
  • Excessive cardio that burns your muscle mass for fuel along with fat. It also hampers your weight-training recovery.
  • Lower overall nutrition that affects your hormones, metabolism, and nutrient partitioning — leading to a higher “muscle/fat” burn ratio.
  • Over-reliance on willpower that’s fickle and finite. If/when it breaks, cheat meals, days, and weeks happen. Bouncing back is even harder.
  • Weak performance in the gym thanks to all the fatigue and lack of fuel. Excess cardio’s recovery load also cuts into this. Even more muscle loss.
  • Poor sleep due to the flared-up hunger hormone Ghrelin and (CNS) exhaustion — which, in turn, worsens your metabolism and fat loss. This also accelerates your muscle loss.
  • The “new normal” would prove too hard to stick to or sustain after your fat loss journey. Drastic fat-loss plan, drastic lifestyle changes.

Do you now see how all this “simple” mistake pans out?

Precisely by trying to rush your fat loss, you slow it downand lose muscle mass, strength, and immunity…

Need I mention the loss of mental health, confidence, and sanity?

This can lead to despair → Gaining back the fat → Fretting and trying to rush-burn it again → Lo! An insidious cycle that most stay stuck in.

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So, Is the Solution Simply to Go Slower?

Yes and No.

  • Yes, because at the core, it is just that.
  • No, because “just that” can prove snail-slow and even stall your progress. There are many core nuances involved.

So far, my intention’s been to sear the ‘Yes’ in your mind — now, let’s handle the ‘No’ part of the answer…

It’s the No’s nuances that have helped me keep off the fat so far.

Photos throughout the year (of/by the author)

The Complete 360-Degree Actionable Solution For This

My fat-loss disaster set me back by years — psychologically and physically…

But out of it arose (fitness) insights and knowledge for a lifetime — which I’ve been sharing online and offline.

But disjoint bits of fat-loss knowledge aren’t truly helpful — each solved doubt births more:

How to lose body fat (optimally)? → Without losing muscle mass or strength? → While enjoying the process? → What about during fests and vacations? → How to keep off the weight for years to come? → For life?

The step-by-step nuances of sustainable fat loss can get overwhelming.

Hence, The Ultimate No-BS Fat-Loss Bundle — the all-in-1 DIY fat-loss solution I wish my own past self had.

The Ultimate No-BS Fat-Loss Bundle (Made with Canva)

With 10 Notion checklists, 2 pre-built spreadsheets, and 9 deep-dive resources, it’s the only sustainable fat-loss resource you’ll ever need. Period.

Click Here to Learn More About the Ultimate No-BS Fat-Loss Bundle.

Can’t (or Don’t Want To) Buy the Ultimate Fat-Loss Bundle (Yet)?

You don’t “need” to!

The free 5-Minute Fat-Loss Simplifier covers it all too — albeit in a brief TL;DR way. But it covers all the core fundamentals.

Think of it as a skeleton — you’ll have to figure out and fill in the meaty nuances. It’s best for the self-study and exploratory type of fat-loss aspirants.

Too Impatient To Get The 5-Minute Fat-Loss Simplifier Even?

Then, read the same in article format👇!

I *could* summarize this into 5 tips and call it a day — but it’ll harm more than help you.

It was half-knowledge that caused my fat-loss disaster, after all!

“Little knowledge is dangerous. Half-baked understanding imbued with a confidence of finality is fatal.”

Sandeep Balakrishna

The Most Crucial Part Of This Article…

Forget the No-BS Fat-Loss Bundle. Forget The 5-Minute Simplifier. Forget the articles I’ve shared.

If there’s one thing you carry away from this article, let it be…

Slow and Steady always wins the (Fat-Loss) Race. Period.

Any product/pill/procedure that promises “fast + easy fat loss” is lying

Even if such “hacks” work in the short run, they backfire long term — be it via weight regain or adverse effects. This article goes deeper into that:

Whatever option you choose, be it…

  • The No-BS-Fat-Loss Bundle or…
  • The 5-Min Simplifier + figuring out the nuances or…
  • Complete self-study + self-made fat-loss plan + trial and error or…
  • Any other genuine (lasting) fat-loss guide/product…

Go Slow

Because Slow is Smooth and Smooth is Fast with fat-loss — and life.

Godspeed with your fat-loss journey!



Neeramitra Reddy
In Fitness And In Health

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