This Simple Routine Made Me Lose 17 Lbs in 6 Months

Without dieting or tracking calories

Alix A.
In Fitness And In Health


Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

For 10 years, I counted calories. The ones I ate and the ones my body burned. I was hoping to lose “fat” on my thighs, then on my hips, then on my stomach.

It was unhealthy as can be.

I tried everything: not eating more than 1,600 calories daily; running for 30 minutes every morning; working out every evening; intermittent fasting… Nothing helped. My body and calories remained an obsession. I weighed myself constantly. I felt guilty whenever I indulged.

I lost weight, healthily, the day my habits changed. 17 lbs in six months. It was one year ago. My weight has been stable since then. All this without doing any sports or dieting.

Here’s the routine that, finally, made me feel comfortable in my body in a healthy way.

8.30 AM — 12 PM

I’ve been waking up without an alarm clock for the past year. Every day. I’ve ditched the demanding routines that involved waking up at 7 am. Instead, I go to bed at about the same time every night (midnight), and wake up around 8:30.

The first thing I do every morning is drinking water. My body hasn’t had any all night, so it’s essential: