Use These 5 Methods to Increase Your Metabolism Naturally

Science backed strategies that truly work

Alyssa Atkinson
Oct 10, 2020 · 6 min read
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About a year ago exactly, I fell into the habit of consuming too much processed food as a result of an overpacked schedule and a 3 hour roundtrip commute to school.

Unfortunately, I quickly started to notice the negative impacts — I began sleeping poorly, my work started to suffer, and I lacked energy throughout the day. I decided it was time to make a change and clean up my diet.

So, I started eating healthier and exercising regularly again. About a month in, I noticed that my energy was back up, and I felt immensely better mentally. Yet, I still wasn’t seeing any physical results.

I felt deeply frustrated — I was working so hard and it just didn’t seem to be paying off.

So, I took a new, science backed approach that actually works. I added more variety to both my diet and exercise routine in a highly specific way that promotes muscle building and metabolism boosting for the best results.

If you’re also struggling to see your hard work pay off, you need to use the following five methods to get your metabolism running as smoothly as possible.

1. Avoid sleeping like this.

If you’re only sleeping a few hours each night, your metabolism is going to take a hit.

In fact, Researchers at Pennsylvania State University conducted a study that involved having participants sleep for five hours (or less) for five nights straight. They found that:

“just a few days of sleep deprivation can make participants feel less full after eating and metabolize the fat in food differently.”

Thus, the evidence is clear that getting ample sleep will help you tune into your body more easily, recognize your hunger cues, and better metabolize your food.

I’ve noticed that even after one poor night’s sleep, I tend to eat less healthy the following day. I find that I have decreased motivation to cook for myself and I tend to rely on convenience foods that aren’t as nourishing for my body.

Therefore, the main takeaway is to make sleep a priority. If you get up super early for work, try to stick to an early bedtime. If you typically workout at 5 or 6 am, try squeezing it in during your lunch hour instead.

Or, if your job is close by, consider walking or running to work to get your exercise in while saving precious time.

If you make getting enough sleep a top priority, you’ll wake up feeling well rested each morning, and your metabolism will receive a boost as a result.

2. Try an HIIT workout.

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. It’s a specific style of exercising that emphasizes high intensity with very little rest.

HIIT workouts are quick and effective:

“Because there are hardly any pauses in a HIIT workout, you can do this in less than half the time of a regular workout. You can get a big calorie burn, rev up your metabolism, lose weight, gain strength and build muscle in 20 minutes.”

I love doing HIIT workouts that involve both cardio and strength because they include exercises that target burning fat and building muscle. Plus, they are a ton of fun, and a great way to break up the monotony of doing the same form of exercise day after day.

This Today article has an example of a full HIIT workout you can try, which was created by a certified personal trainer.

3. Eat the following source of fat.

Coconut oil has been shown to give your metabolism a boost. It’s a source of fat that I’ve been using in baked goods for years.

And while there is some controversy surrounding it due to its high saturated fat content, a little bit goes a long way. As long as you aren’t going overboard, it can be a great addition to any meal.

Plus, a study from the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders found that:

“the long-term consumption of MCT oil may help you burn more calories than a diet that’s heavier in long chain fatty acids, like olive oil, soybean oil, or avocado oil. When your cells use MCTs instead of glucose for fuel, the body’s metabolism is boosted for up to 24 hours.”

However, it’s worth noting that the major finding was that the MCT oil found in coconut oil is what really provides the metabolic benefit, and that coconut oil is only 13.5 percent purified MCT.

Still, using a bit of coconut oil when you cook can add a source of fat to your diet, flavor to your dish, and even provide a potential metabolic boost. If nothing else, adding fat to your meal will help keep you satisfied so you don’t feel the need to constantly reach for snacks.

4. Make sure you’re getting enough of the following.

Eating enough protein (and calories in general) is essential to maintaining a fast metabolism. Most people actually don’t struggle to get enough protein in their diet, but if you’re very active and trying to build muscle, it’s definitely important to focus on.

According to Women’s Health:

“For a supercharged metabolism, between 25 percent and 45 percent of your calories should come from protein.”

Paired with lifting weights, this simple diet change will help you rev up your metabolism, transform your physique, and build a lot of strength and confidence.

5. Drink more water.

This one seems simple, but it’s actually very easy to neglect. While my typical goal is 8–9 glasses a day, I have friends who try to drink their body weight in ounces.

Some of them are pretty serious weight lifters, but the fact remains that drinking enough water is absolutely crucial for your health and metabolic efficiency.

According to Johns Hopkins University:

“It’s possible that drinking water stimulates your body’s metabolism and energy expenditure, ultimately helping with weight management…. The body has to expend energy to warm the fluid to body temperature, and the more energy expended by your body, the faster your metabolism.”

Therefore, it’s not by accident that your metabolism receives a boost from drinking enough water. It’s a result of energy expended (it’s similar to the way your body expends energy to break down the food you eat).

The main takeaway here is that drinking enough water is a crucial health practice that you shouldn’t overlook. It can give your metabolism a boost, keep you hydrated, and also help you maintain a healthy weight.

Final Thoughts

While no single action will transform your health completely, the repeated and collective effort of a number of positive changes will have a meaningful impact.

When I’m consistently fueling properly, drinking water, sleeping well, etc., I feel much better both mentally and physically. I look forward to each day, produce high quality work, and I can tackle anything life throws at me.

By focusing on improving your own body’s efficiency through healthy habits like getting ample sleep, nourishing your body with the right foods, and exercising daily, you’ll give your metabolism a boost and, most importantly, live a healthier, happier life.

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Alyssa Atkinson

Written by

Ohio U XC/Track alum. I love to run. I blog about food, health, fitness, lifestyle, + more! My Links (Blog, YouTube, etc.):

In Fitness And In Health

A fast-growing health and fitness community dedicated to sharing knowledge, lessons, and suggestions to living happier, healthier lives.

Alyssa Atkinson

Written by

Ohio U XC/Track alum. I love to run. I blog about food, health, fitness, lifestyle, + more! My Links (Blog, YouTube, etc.):

In Fitness And In Health

A fast-growing health and fitness community dedicated to sharing knowledge, lessons, and suggestions to living happier, healthier lives.

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