5 Trends We’re Noticing Right Now (That We Predicted A Few Years Ago)

Mar 3, 2016 · 3 min read

We like to look at a broad array of trends, not just those that fit a narrow window of expertise. We believe the insights from these ‘signposts’ can apply to a lot of different industries and point to larger cultural shifts.


Illustrated fiction reemerged a few years back, proving that comics can go beyond the back section of the newspaper and into the world of high-design. There are several reasons why we think this trend is coming back in a big way for brands right now.

One: Personality. Illustration allows brands to show their colors. Two: Neutrality. Illustrated characters let brands be gender, age and race neutral. Three: Price. There is a reason you’re seeing start-ups use this tool, finding an amazing illustrator not only can save you money but the style can be recognizable so you collect their fans at the same time, that’s big bang for your buck.



Beauty is not the only industry we are seeing making waves with healthy products and ingredient (or process) transparency but it’s definitely a trailblazer. Healthy, transparent beauty brands are popping up left-right-and-center because consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their environment, lifestyles and overall impact. We see this being big for all brands across the industry spectrum.


We’re not talking about cars, we’re talking about placing culture at the center of your brand. Brands are doing this in dozens of ways, from unlimited, paid maternity leave or ‘compass’ gatherings, but one thing is consistent: it requires constant care. To succeed, culture needs to be a valued, core staple of your brand. While these actions seem like internal efforts, brand culture increasingly affects brand perception, and in an age where your brand is what consumers say it is, an amazing culture is key.


Just as we thought, millennial behaviors have become an ‘approved’ way of life. No longer are their flexible ways considered lazy or noncommittal, now being a ‘slashie’ is considered proactive and positive. (If you find yourself still under the rock, being a slashie is the practice of having more than one career path, more than a hobby though — your side-hustle is a legitimate passion and business opportunity). We couldn’t be happier for our slashie brethren, more power to the side-hustle! Hopefully we can get people on the Gen-Z bandwagon a little sooner (stay tuned for our thoughts on what makes these guys so incredibly exciting, coming soon!).

Image Credit: badlands-blog.com


The emoji is not going anywhere but neither is the paper. More and more brands are turning back to print. Art galleries are making magazines, Amazon is open bookstores and start-ups like Artifact Uprising are offering consumers high-quality options for their instas. The main theme here is a quality. If you think print is the way to go, make sure you are investing in quality paper and thoughtful, considered design. Otherwise you’ll completely miss why this discipline is making a comeback.

Stay tuned for more trends and insights but in the meantime check us out and sign up for our newsletter to get other updates.

Have an awesome day everyone!


Good Times

IN GOOD CO is a culture-conscious brand consultancy that aligns people and organizations around a purpose, creates connections and inspires action.


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A culture conscious brand consultancy // weareingoodco.com

Good Times

IN GOOD CO is a culture-conscious brand consultancy that aligns people and organizations around a purpose, creates connections and inspires action.

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