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In Kind
Jun 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Less than one year ago, Puerto Rico was hit with the biggest storm it has seen in over 80 years. Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico dead on, taking as many as 4,600 lives. Over a third of all homes were destroyed, and the damages done to utilities created the largest blackout in all of U.S. History.

While things have gotten better for the people of Puerto Rico, there is still a great deal that needs to be done. 16% of homes and businesses are still, 9 months later, without power. Those who are lucky enough to have running water and electricity, are struggling to pay bills due to the hesitance of tourists to return to the island.

The struggle of day to day life is taking its toll on the people who make this beautiful island their home, and the road to recovery is still a very long one. Luckily for Puerto Ricans, you can still help aid them in the recovery process with the help of Google. Right now, Google is matching up to $2,000,000 in donations, made to the Puerto Rican charities they have selected. The list of approved charities include:


A nonprofit that goes a step beyond emergency aid. Mercy corps invests in small business and focus on long term solutions. Their work is highly praised for its accountability and efficiency.


A nonprofit focusing on more immediate, emergency relief. The Hispanic Federation has been handling donation drives on the U.S. Mainland, as well as providing emergency food, water, and solar panels to residents on the island.

Puerto Rico Capital, San Juan

These two charities have an amazing track record, and have been working hard in Puerto Rico for the last 9 months to try and improve things. Donations made will be passed on to one of these two charities through Network for Good, a donor advised fund. 100% of your donation will go to these charities, along with the matching funds by Google up to the two million dollar limit.

With so much devastation still present in Puerto Rico, it is important to remember the people who are still living this reality on a daily basis. Power, food, and water are things that should be accessible to all human beings. With the hurricane season almost here again, getting repairs done is all the more critical to keep the loss of life down to a minimum.

This donation drive isn’t the only thing Google has done to help Puerto Rico. When Hurricane Maria first hit, Google raised $1,500,000 to assist, and since then have sent teams of their own employees who have close ties to Puerto Rico to help restore businesses.

This fund raising drive will run June 8th-20th. With your help, Puerto Rico will continue to get the aid it needs to recover from the devastating hurricane that took so many lives and over 90 billion dollars in damages. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of the people who have been struggling to get by for the last 9 months, and help them get back a sense of normalcy.

To donate, click here.

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In Kind

In Kind is a platform made to bring inspiration, positivity, and kindness into our readers' lives.

In Kind

Written by

In Kind

In Kind is a platform made to bring inspiration, positivity, and kindness into our readers' lives

In Kind

In Kind

In Kind is a platform made to bring inspiration, positivity, and kindness into our readers' lives.

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