April Monthly Challenge Wrap-up

The many dimensions of your creative self-portrait

Melissa Rock
In Living Color


Llama selfie? Photo by Author.

I have over a dozen photos of llamas on my phone. I only discovered this because of my many Google Photo selfie searches for the April In Living Color monthly challenge. When I search “selfie” in my photos the llamas show up.

I wondered how many self-portraits we’d see for the In Living Color monthly challenge.

But as always — people show up!

We have shadows, collages, and reflections, some portraits have faces and some do not, we have selfies atop the slopes and reaching Crete, old school, new school, and fetishes, and some dogs and cats, too.

This challenge has sparked something within me: I have the urge to experiment more — challenge not only my writing but my photography too.

These challenge stories are a portrayal of style, of individuality, of us showing up as artists. Even though I bet half of us, if not more, do not use this title.