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Balls, Buns, Broomsticks, Boats, Books, Booze

But, seriously? (JoAnn Ryan started it all!)

Birds — Vidya Sury ©

Moving on with the fun prompt initiated by JoAnn Ryan — I am already ̶a̶ ̶l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ ̶p̶i̶s̶s̶e̶d̶ in awe that so many people beat me to the post. I mean, I had my photos ready the moment JoAnn’s post went live. However, I am traveling and with non-existent wi-fi, didn’t get around to publishing until now.

So off we go on this B for Beautiful journey!

To B for Begin with, we have


Broomsticks Vidya Sury ©

This lovely sight meets the eye as I cruise down the road from my place. I quickly stop to take photos because . . . that’s what I do! As you can see, even I am in the photo in the form of a shadow! I love the way the seller arranges these brooms creatively. And the brooms are quite good!

Then I look up to see . . .

Blue Skies

Blue skies Vidya Sury ©

There’s something about blue that brings a sense of calm, especially blue skies. It feels like peace is just around the corner. What do you think?


Birds — Vidya Sury ©

It is the same with birds. One can watch them for hours going about their business. We could learn a thing or two about living in the moment from them, eh?


Buildings Vidya Sury ©

This awe-inspiring sight is from the CN Tower in Toronto. What a view! We spent a few hours just gaping at everything there.

I also love to watch . . .


Boats Vidya Sury ©

Hong Kong harbor is a delightful sight — we can watch the boats glide in and out. The bustling activity and the local language are soothing sounds that surround us as they work.


Books — Vidya Sury © — posted this at the Six Word Photo Story publication in January 2022

And books are not far behind when it comes to pleasure. I could certainly while away my life in a book store!


Balls Vidya Sury ©

Let’s play! Every time I see this, I want to jump in with the kids and have a good time!

Now, I am sure you want to know what I wear around my wrist, right? I can bet you are losing sleep over it. Here goes my . . .


My bracelet Vidya Sury ©

It is antique. Made of some kind of horn and brass/copper. And ofcourse, looks gorgeous, even if I say so myself. Bought it during one of my travels decades ago. I treasure it.


Buns Vidya Sury ©

So all that talk must have made you hungry. I learned to bake these cute buns during those lockdown days, because I had all the time in the world to experiment with baking. They turned out real good!

Bell peppers

Bell peppers Vidya Sury ©

During winter, we get bags of these multi-colored bell peppers at our local market at reasonable prices. Normally the green ones are affordable, but the yellow and red are usually expensive. Loving the abundance of these! So good for health too!

And something to drink, now?

Booze bottles

Booze bottles Vidya Sury ©

This store is at the airport. Stocks all kinds of liquor to cater to every taste. But not every purse. Hehehehe!

To wrap up, a . . .

Bouquet for you

Bouquet Vidya Sury ©

This lovely bunch of blooms arrived on my birthday from a dear friend. I was so happy to see it!

And a bear hug!

Bear Vidya Sury ©

Although, you may want to think twice before you hug this bear!

B for bye for now!

Thank you, JoAnn! ❤

Calling my playmates to join me in this game!
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