Old Photo Revival Project: Street Photographs in Bangladesh, Part I

Captured during my roaming around period in Bangladesh

Suntonu Bhadra
In Living Color


Photography has fascinated me since my early childhood. My dad had a vintage Nikon camera (film roll), which took snaps of our family events, and the stillness intrigued me so much.

During my first job in Bangladesh, I commuted to many places, which allowed me to capture snapshots of people, life, and motions.

Recently, I was going through the old folders and found thousands of images of different occasions and journey photos that would be difficult to keep in the hard drive in the coming days due to space constraints (and hard drive failures).

I thought of bundling those images into a photostory and sharing (and preserving) for the future.

This video (photostory) contains street photographs (first part) taken in multiple spots in Bangladesh.

I hope you will love it.