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What Do Apples, Anklets, Alligators, and Angels have in common?

Maybe you should ask JoAnn Ryan 😉

Apples on my dining table Vidya Sury ©

Ah! Nothing like playing a game with prompts, especially those that involve showing your own photos. The best kind, no?

When I read JoAnn Ryan’s brilliant challenge prompt that suggested . . .

…simply find your favorite photos where the subject starts with ‘A’. Coming up with an inventive, fun and perhaps silly title is a big bonus, but for the more refined among you it’s completely unnecessary.

I was excited. I was reminded of those days when we would pick a letter of the alphabet and name a place, name, animal, and thing in ten seconds and we would keep playing this until one of us got fed up and switched to another game.

So — let’s play A!

A for Apple, obviously!

More apples Vidya Sury ©

These lovely apples come to you from Himachal Pradesh. We visited Kasauli, a hill station here a few years ago and on the way back, were boggled at the number of apples being sold by the road side. The produce is so abundant that they make all kinds of yummy stuff with it. Jam, obviously, then juice, pickle, dried fruit slices, and more. It was exciting to just feast our eyes on all that fruit.

You know what they say — an apple a day. Looked like there were enough to last my lifetime!

Also, Angel

Angel Vidya Sury ©

This sweet sleeping angel is at the Royal Ontario Museum. Kissed her goodnight when we visited the museum almost a decade ago. Saw many more sculptures there. There was one beautiful statue of a nude male with a really gorgeous rear . . . but I wasn’t sure if I could post it here, so . . . just use your imagination. 🙂

Moving on to more dangerous things . . .


Alligator Vidya Sury ©

We spotted this hefty guy at the Bannerghatta National Park here in Bangalore. They can lay still for hours with their jaws wide open. Nope, we did not touch them to find out if they were awake. Ugh!


Ants Vidya Sury ©

These are right here on one of our walls close home. I am always amazed at how they turn up the minute there is something to eat. They carry several times their weight, did you know? Until some larger creature simply steps on them and it is an abrupt goodbye, eh? Poor things. Not funny when these bite — hurts like hell!


Albums Vidya Sury ©

I have a load of these and enjoy browsing them when I need a quick pick-me-up. These in particular have my son’s photos from when he was a baby. Those were the days when we only had a point-and-shoot Kodak camera and had to be really mindful of what we clicked. Developing those negatives was expensive. (There is a life-lesson in that statement, no?). And thus, the photos we did take were precious.


Amriteshwari Vidya Sury ©

We came across this deity in a temple en route to Anekal, where we were headed to see a Ganesh temple. We were fascinated by the ferocious look and the charmingly adorned figure. The worship is also quite boisterous. Couldn’t resist taking a picture.


Aquarium Vidya Sury ©

Our local Cubbon Park in Bangalore has a nice little aquarium, besides a lovely play area with a toy train for kids. Well maintained and quite a cheerful visit. We enjoy checking everything out whenever we go there. Age is just a number, right? It was enchanting to watch these fish swim in groups as if they were in a hurry to go somewhere!


Anklet Vidya Sury ©

My anklet. Decades ago, I had a pair made out of twenty paise coins. I had collected quite a few. I met a gypsy who was selling some copper jewelry. I bought a bracelet from her which she claimed was made from twenty paise coins. So I trustingly handed over my box to her with the promise that I should meet her in a week. Lo and behold, she had two beautiful anklets for me which she had cast from melting the coins. I gifted my BFF one, and I wore one. We have been wearing our anklets for almost forty years now.


Antlers Vidya Sury ©

This lovely deer skips around the sand at Ross Islands, in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. So friendly, and ready to take photos with us. Yes, we all did take photos posing with the deer. Look at those antlers!


Airport Vidya Sury ©

This was my view from my flight at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, as I waited for takeoff to Shanghai. There’s something so incredible about seeing so many aircraft waiting to take off, full of passengers who are all headed off somewhere or other.

Arrow, archery

Archer, archery, arrow Vidya Sury ©

Can you guess who is in this photo? Hehe! During a lovely visit to a resort as part of a blogger event, we had a lot of fun trying out all the adventure stuff there. I was besotted with the archery area. I did NOT expect myself to hit bulls-eye every time. Me, who simply cannot catch a simple ball that comes at me. Who knew?


Artist Vidya Sury ©

Every year, in January, our local visual arts college has a three-day art exhibition where artists from all over India display their talent. Of course, there are other vendors selling their ware too. It is fascinating to see live artists at work, drawing portraits. I actually shot a video of a guy sketching — so amazing!

And . . . I could literally go on and on, but I’ll stop here.

Who’s playing with me? Tagging some friends (Just let me know if I shouldn’t and I’ll stop ❤)

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Thank you, JoAnn! ❤

Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles ❤ Did you smile today?

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