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Paideia Revamps Its Flagship Rome Program

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Nov 1 · 4 min read
Catullus, Sirmio, Ovid, Sulmona.

It has now been almost a decade since the first session of Living Latin in Rome, The Paideia Institute’s first summer program, which first ran in the summer of 2011. The past nine summers have been very meaningful for us, and as we spent them romping around ancient ruins and speaking Latin in the streets or Rome, we’ve made memories that we’ll treasure forever. But as the proverb says, tempora mutantur, et nos mutamur in illis, “the times change and so do we.” So we’re going to be making some changes to the Living Latin in Rome program that we’re very excited about. Living Latin in Rome 2.0 will make the program more sustainable as the Paideia Institute enters its second decade, and we hope that the new format will allow us to welcome an even greater range of Latin lovers. What follows is an overview of the changes. Starting in 2020, Living Latin in Rome will:

Read More Latin: In the new version of the program, we’ll be increasing time in the classroom to two sessions a day so that students will be able to read and discuss as much Latin as possible. Each session of the program will cover an entire work of Latin literature, so participants will be able to enjoy the accomplishment of reading a text in toto.

Be Shorter: The program will now run in two separate back-to-back sessions from late June until late July. Each session will focus on one Latin author. We’re hoping the new 2-week version of the course will be accessible to more people, not only current students, but also Latin teachers, professors, and non-academic professionals with a passion for Latin. Those who still want a full month of Living Latin can join for both sessions!

Have More Focused Site Visits: Whirlwind tours are nice, but there’s nothing like taking your time to really get to know a place. The new format of Living Latin in Rome will include a two-day site visit on the program’s middle weekend, where participants get to spend two days getting to know a site with special relevance to the author being read. We’ll be doing fewer site visits during the week, but they’ll be more relevant to the text, and we’ll go deeper into exploring and understanding them. And of course, in the increased free time, there will always be the opportunity to visit more sites in the Eternal City on one’s own.

Be Repeatable: Since the authors the program reads will change every year from now on, the program will be repeatable. We’re hoping some people will come back and join us every summer, and that many returning Paideia alumni and Reginaldians will be among them.

Be Open to All Levels: If you’re a newcomer to Latin who’s hoping to experience the city of Rome, sharpen your Latin grammar basics, and read original works of Latin literature with people who share your interests, you will find yourself supported and challenged

in this new version of the program. On the other hand, if you’re a spoken Latin veteran, and looking forward to spending a few weeks in the Eternal City discussing ancient authors in Latin at the highest possible level, you too can join in the fun at this program. Participants will be divided into ability groups with tailored curricula. Students in the upper level sections will read entire works of Latin literature and discuss them Latine tantum.

Be More Affordable: We’re lowering the cost of tuition to $1800 and making housing optional to make it as easy as possible for everyone to join us, including those who know Rome well and can secure their own housing, or have dependents and families in tow.

In many ways, we are sad to say goodbye to Living Latin in Rome 1.0. It was a great run, and forged many friendships (and a few marriages!). At the same time, we’re excited to throw ourselves into this new model. Over the next ten years, we’re looking forward to reading various texts from the vast catalogue of Latin literature, visiting some of the sites that shaped these narratives, activating the Latin language for an immersive and engaging learning experience, and making new friends in the process. We hope you’ll join us!

For more information about the new Living Latin in Rome program, please visit the Paideia webpage.

In Medias Res

A magazine for lovers of the Classics, published by the Paideia Institute.

In Medias Res

Written by

A magazine for lovers of the Classics, published by the Paideia Institute.

In Medias Res

A magazine for lovers of the Classics, published by the Paideia Institute.

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