Javascript, a poem

Pavithra Kodmad
Dec 5, 2017 · 1 min read

It’s been 7, no 8, no 9 years overall
There’s been 3, no 4, no infinite frameworks withall
But the language got itself together
Left ES5 in the nether

Babel still saving our ass
Browsers doe take some sass

CSS can be glamorous
or just be in <style/>
What CSS can’t
is be ignored

When Angular changes face overnight
And Ember api gives you the bite

You turn to React
With JSX in it’s pact
Find something functional
Argue Redux is conjunctional

Roll it up or Pack it all
Bundling is a privilege
Back then all we did was concatenate

Rock that GraphQl
Test in Jest
Locally everything’s pretty
Remotely it better be ugly

Split your code
… erm Debug mode?
Contribute, build and play
Be it node, be it browser,
Nail that app, api and worker.

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