In Omnia Paratus: Life Is Short. Write Well.

In Defense of Jess Mariano

Jess Mariano is a terrible boyfriend. But he’s also a hurt, broken kid so maybe we can cut him some slack.

Let me be clear right from the very start: I ship Rory with Jess, but only post-season-six Jess. At the end of season three, when Rory hangs up on Jess as he calls from California, I think she did the right thing. At the end of season four, when she tells him she doesn’t want to run away with him, I think she…




Twice-weekly writing lessons based on the hit show and the writing genius of its creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Far more than Team Dean vs. Team Jess. Pull up a stool, grab a mug from Luke’s, and join us.

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Gina Denny

Gina Denny

B.S. Business/Human Resources M.S. in Child Development/Education. Associate editor for Touchpoint Press. Erstwhile classroom music teacher. Homeschooler.

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