In Omnia Paratus: Life Is Short. Write Well.

Writing the BEST Love Triangles

Love them, hate them, hate to love them… love triangles make for compelling stories and aren’t actually about “the guys”.

Image © Warner Bros Television, 2002

Years before the “Team Edward” vs “Team Jacob” debate hit its highest fever pitch, Amy Sherman Palladino was…




Twice-weekly writing lessons based on the hit show and the writing genius of its creator, Amy Sherman-Palladino. Far more than Team Dean vs. Team Jess. Pull up a stool, grab a mug from Luke’s, and join us.

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Gina Denny

Gina Denny

B.S. Business/Human Resources M.S. in Child Development/Education. Associate editor for Touchpoint Press. Erstwhile classroom music teacher. Homeschooler.

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