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It’s the End of the Beginning of Self-Sovereign Identity

The Beginning of SSI

Making it real, and really making it

  • Vision Gap: Early releases may not match the long term visions or early prototypes that didn’t have to address scale and execution, so we must expect initial releases to disappoint us a little. Some ideas will fail, barely hit MVP and won’t easily scale. But they will further prove the technology. We need to learn from the successes and failures, and build for the future.
  • Experiments: Now is when we get to see what SSI can do — who will discover the new business models and product offerings?
  • New People: An influx of new people to decentralized identity, who do not necessarily know the history of digital identity. Fresh ideas and a beginner’s mind that is not bogged down by the failures and missteps of the past is a good thing. But so is learning from past successes as much as failures.
  • New Metrics: New paradigms have new metrics. It’s often hard to compare the potential metrics of the future to the current metrics.
  • Maturing Standards: The standards will take shape and get formalized. But not everyone will use them. We must be ruthless to stop regulatory capture and misplaced corporate intentions hidden in standards bodies.



A look at the future from the present.

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Heather Vescent

President, The Purple Tornado, a strategic intelligence company tracking the future.