It’s GOTV Time

After nearly 18 months of campaigning, the end of this election cycle is finally within reach. Most people are breathing long, heavy sighs of relief. They’re ready to move on and put this bitter campaign behind them.

Perhaps most importantly, they’re ready to stop picking up the phone when volunteers call. They’re sick of canvassers knocking on their doors and the pamphlets stuffing their mailboxes.

On November 9th, they can forget about the last 18 months. Volunteers won’t bother them with phone calls, the mailers will stop, and the commercials on TV will revert back to selling products and not candidates.

For those of us working on the campaigns, though, there are no long sighs of relief. These last few days are what we’ve all been building to for months. The countless phone calls and hours of canvassing shifts all lead up to this final push:

It’s GOTV weekend!

From now until Election Day, it’s all about Get Out the Vote efforts. We know that when turnout is high, Democrats win. So don’t start screening our calls just yet; we’re going to bother you a lot over these four days.

Here’s the thing: there’s actually a rhyme and a reason to this madness. We don’t just call through our parent’s Rolodex or knock on every door we come across.

Instead, we spend these 96 hours reaching out to Democrats who might not go to the polls on their own. We’ve spent months persuading these voters to vote for our candidates and to embrace our vision for the state. At this point, we want folks to act on their beliefs, and make sure their voices are heard.

That’s why, in the 2nd Congressional District alone, we are going to call almost 50,000 voters and knock on over 30,000 doors. That’s why, across the state, thousands of volunteers are spending their weekend making these calls and walking these blocks.

Come Election Day, Democrats are surely going to be outspent. But our ground game — the one we’ve been building for months — will be the difference.

Negative TV ads don’t win elections. Tweetstorms at 3:00 AM don’t get you any new voters. A Super PAC funded by rich parents won’t win a carpetbagger a Congressional seat.

Talking to voters wins elections. Showing up at a voter’s door and asking if they have a plan to vote wins elections. Calling your friends, who you know are Democrats but might not vote, wins elections.

That’s why we spend those long hours recruiting volunteers and calling undecided voters. When GOTV weekend rolls around, we want to make sure they know where to vote, when they are going to vote, and how they are going to vote.

We rely on exhausted college students, retirees with some time on their hands, and everyone in between to help us get out the vote. When these people volunteer even just an hour or two on a Sunday afternoon, we want to make sure we maximize their time.

We’re all ready for Election Day to be here. But until then, we need to make sure that we have done everything humanly possible to be proud of our effort when we wake up on November 9th.

We don’t want to look back and say, “Yeah, I could have made 10 more calls.” We don’t want to regret the extra five doors we could’ve knocked on. We want to be absolutely sure that no matter the outcome, we did everything possible to put us in a position to win.

In four days, when this is all over, you can go back to life as normal. You can forget about political ads or persuasion calls. But until then, we’re going to be working our hardest to reach out to every last voter.

If a volunteer calls you or knocks on your door, give them a moment of your time. They don’t mean any harm. They just want to make sure you’re ready to make your voice heard on Election Day.