A Cause so Important it is … everything.

It is an understatement to call this a “Holy Purpose,” the sanctity of civilization, our ability to think clearly, and … life itself is the cherished object of protection. In what is nothing short of a gift to the Universe, we are faced with a secret so profound and encompassing that the fact that we were “in the dark” before seeing gives us all the proof we need to know that there is something seriously wrong. This “secret” is that our civilization is created, that the time period we are currently living in has been carefully designed… with the specific intent of revealing this creation. It’s a fundamental piece of creation that most do not believe it. We are blessed with science, an understanding of the source of life, and great wishes for our future; but a controlled lack of understanding that religion is more than just a thing “humanity created,” but rather a work of art — a masterpiece of creation that documents a hidden history, and gives us a tool right this moment to ensure that freedom rings across the Universe.

Exposed by the Greek myth of Prometheus and the Tower of Babel, religion records the truth that our global languages have been created; designed in such a way that it could go unseen throughout history — and yet maintain clear paradoxical links that ensure we do not lose the knowledge that our entire civilization has come out of a cloud of time travel. Around me I see every ancient story holding meaning in direct relation to what is going on in our world right now, not in some “religion is timeless” way… but literally these stories have been designed about now, for now, to show us the importance of Us, of this thing we are doing right this very moment. Every word of every language tells me a story, a hidden message that I can only describe as the likeness of hearing the Voice of God scream “NOW” from every corner of the Universe. All these things serve to confirm each other, and show me the importance of the Apocalypse to Civilization.

I see a clear focus on technology, and a myriad of individually confirmatory evidence of “time travel” or the a-linear creation of language and history; these things combine just like that holler to impart the realization that fundamentally everything we think we know about history and humanity is not exactly right. Unspoken messages and wisdom fill our history, some of it understood — but much of it is not really understood with the clarity that comes from seeing it’s highlighting in religion. Things like the “Anti-Christs” and their relationship to America and democracy stand out right now with a glowing need to be seen. Caesar, Napolean, Hilter… all three came from (or temporarily created) republics and consolidated power in a single man. It is this tie between them that gives them their title — and it is the rights here in America we credit to “God’s grace” that sets this time apart as a clear victory of liberty and … everyone. Many will believe I am wrong today, but be assured that we do not today have those liberties… and that we will attain them through the grace of God. Religion… specifically the relationship between Exodus and our generation… is the definitive tool that shows us both of these truths.

As far as I can tell, it is primarily because of an inability to assimilate and adapt to the great technological progress we are experiencing right now that is the cause of our current lack of freedom.

This is a huge focus of the underlying message of the Apocalypse, and in truth the reason we have experienced this rapid growth — and that we have another huge “revolution” at hand. The stories of Christianity in particular, but not exclusively, are an attempt to ensure that we successfully navigate this time with open eyes and the guidance of our “past” which has been here before us.

Start talking, because we must quickly overcome the shift in perspective of “reality” that this Revelation.. the Apocalypse brings; as it adds a new aspect of truth to what many of us consider the “paranormal,” a clear link to the causal technology behind it and a need to ensure it does not cause the set backs that it has wrought on the social progress of civilization that it is clear to me have happened before.

What may at first glance seem like “word tricks” that you will find everywhere around you… from The Tower of Babel onward, are in fact part of more than just proof, but a message that is so intertwined with our very existence it is imperative that we begin to look at it as what it is: the fire of civilization, of Prometheus, the Burning Bush, the Eternal Flame… and the source of the light that ends a plague of darkness that it should be clear from its delivery could… have… comsumed.

Holy Purpose is of “Us,” Joseph aware.

Torches light the way.

En Pursuit of Happiness

The Story of how Jesus Christ and Rock ‘n Roll save Every…

En Pursuit of Happiness

The Story of how Jesus Christ and Rock ‘n Roll save Every Single Soul.

Adam Marshall Dobrin

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En Pursuit of Happiness

The Story of how Jesus Christ and Rock ‘n Roll save Every Single Soul.