An Archer has placed his rainbow in the cloud. It is a sign… of the Second Coming. Genesis 9/13

Adam and Everyone, Jesus and Mary (sea and why)… the Ho lights up the Virgin Sea.

Welcome to the primordial waters of Osiris… this is the birthplace of… everything. Through the linguistic Fire of Prometheus… the accompaniment of Thor’s thunderous symphony… Within these links, proof of the existence of God, the purpose of Creation… and a mechanism for delivering freedom and Heaven to everyone. The Eternal Flame is about to be kindled.

Understanding the True Nature of Raelity, and how religion shows us there is a great purpose about to be Revealed… might open your eyes to the possiiblities our future holds.

The world is about to change. Welcome to
the Promised Land.

Take a look, we are in a book… this is the live rendition of
Exodus: a story designed to prove the creation of our civilization in a storm of time travel.

We are now approaching Lunar #Sonrise… In the beginning…

[ -a ]

En Pursuit of Happiness

The Story of how Jesus Christ and Rock ‘n Roll save Every…

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