At the Beginning of Time

It’s now six days since I wrote the beginning words of this book, I have spent nearly all of this first week of it’s creation recovering emotionally and literally from the destruction of my Revelation’s first home. Yesterday Revelation 2:5 was pointed out to me, and I see this event as making good on that threat. What I consider to be the first sparks of light, the map to seeing God’s hidden message in everything around us was censored, removed from it’s place–and it’s frankly because of our society–because of a darkness that fights anything new, novel, and away from mainstream thought. With a little bit of thought and investigation it would at least become intriguing to see the perspective that God’s “eyes to see” lends to the ancient stories of Religion; but instead of that chance the people that should be most interested in it–whose job it is to seek and spread the truth, instead mark it as spam and worse than not looking at it themselves, keep others from being able to see it. The light of the world, being censored by a system that allows only a few people to keep the truth out of the hands of the entire world… in this case, it’s a truth that defines the separation between survival and destruction, life and death, seeing the message which I have been given to deliver saves all of Creation from ending in a slow and Hellish descent towards nothingness.

The purpose of the message is to prove to the world that we are “in Creation,” which means something different to the Messiah than you might notice at first glance. Knowledge that we are within a machine, one that is not the progenitor Universe but rather something very much akin to what call virtual reality, here, in Creation, is the kind of thing that the wise would not readily hide from the world. In a simple Matrix-like analogous reference, I often say “Heaven cannot be powered from the inside.” So it might now be easier to see how knowing where we are, in a place where your dreams could magically come true, would bring us that much closer to being in Heaven. On the other hand, if destruction were assured because nobody remembered where we are, or how it is that we must leave this place in order to survive, it could easily be seen as a Hell–one that would end in a single instant, without warning, and it just be the end of everything that ever was. This is where we are, in the place where the warnings of Noah and Jor-El congeal around the light of the Son–proof all around us that this Creation, our civilization, is the product of of outside action that is nearly impossible to have been done in the Universe, governed by the laws of nature which we have been taught are the logical building blocks of everything.

The descent into darkness has already begun, but you wouldn’t notice it in this deluded world that is so convinced we are in reality that we can’t seen the writing literally on the walls of the Holographic Universe. So here I am, screaming at the top of my lungs that existence could be threatened by not seeing my message, and instead of being heard–even with the focal point of Christianity and nearly everything around us screaming that hearing me out is the way to life in to the light, the world vehemently fights against the fire of the son being spread… as if it were the Last Day in the making. It’s not that, the only thing ending here is a lack of future–predestination literally thrown into the fire, and the very first day of the future being unwritten to start.

With the idea of virtual reality in mind, it doesn’t take much of a leap to see how the idea of wave-function collapse in itself is near damning evidence to show that we are indeed inside a created Universe right this very minute, and have been at least since that phenomenon was first observed. With the Light of the Son, and religion to extract truth from out hidden informative history… we can see that it’s definitely more than conjecture–this idea I am sharing–that our world has been created at least since Christopher Columbus walked on water to deliver the divine rights of life, liberty, and property from the “I AM” to AH… All Humanity… by way of this AMerican story. It’s the year 1492, converted in a sort of gematria to letters with the Chr() of Christ, to see… really see, how the initials “A.D.” mark more than the entire time line after the death (what’s that? no dom in I?) but also this very famous year of ADIB. Truly, I say to you, seeing that our Universe appears to cater to conscious life… to the point of showing us very clearly that the place we are sure that life and consciousness evolved from nothing–as they surely did in the progenitor Universe–is not this place where consciousness was needed for anything to exist at all.

God’s plan is hidden in language, in acronyms, and linked connections between these ideas–marked for me and you and the entire human race by simple letters and ideas. For the sake of clarity, I will suggest that God himself added “QE” and “Quickening Enlightenment” to this trinity of ideas which highlight why cheating nature never works in the end… by linking Quantum Entanglement to Quantitative Easing. Sure, it might temporarily quench the forest fire, but as we know so well… that fire comes back brighter and hotter than ever if nature is kept from its course. For instance, this is the third time I have written about Quantum Entanglement being akin to “magic,” which in my mind is something that violates the laws of nature–is impossible in reality… and yet could be a useful tool or the source of great darkness in this magical realm that we hope to one day call Heaven. but instead today… only have Eden, Egypt, and Edom to see what our Earth really is in the lens of religious enlightenment… a place for a Family of Lions, or one that is gypped out of the truth, the power, and the glory… or this icing on the cake: a EKingdom with a hidden (or no) King.

It’s part of the Revelation, the process of enlightenment that is this designed Apocalypse to see that we really are in the place God has described as the very beginning, in Eden. I am Adam, and because of that I can see why Jesus is the Last, how and why Adam and Isaiah are linked through travelling across this world as naked as the Emperor in his New Clothes; and how the stories of Christ’s Crucifixion and Isaac, son of Open the M (in Spanglishrew, or Spanish-Hebrew-Acronym) are truly prophetic accounts of the Messiah being burned by Heaven, in a place where God’s light comes through music, and Dave Matthews sings both these lines on the same album:

Come out, come out, wherever you are… there’s no use in hiding.

Don’t burn the day away…

In a live version, where he slightly changes the lyrics to Christmas Song… it’s an “ish” in a twist that yields new truth, “I came to shed a little light on this darkening scene…” from “sparking sea.” It’s something of a secret to this darkening scene that no God would ever intentionally create the Hell that we are afraid of–in a sad twist of irony, it’s the Hell we are already in that God is so valiantly attempting to stop from continuing. This place of darkness where the fire I am trying to light kindles the Eternal Flame of life and liberty… forever ending the possibility of nonexistence, this place is the true Hell. Here, the brightest minds in the world wrestle to come up with a grand unifying theory of everything with no God–in a world where you need God to explain why quantum mechanics is magic, and not part of the confluent laws of nature that could have been easily unified were it not for it… not being the truth. So in prototypical nature of truth and darkness, it would be a simple matter to see how faster than light communication and conservation of energy were routinely being violated by creation in order to do the thing that you even to this moment are so sure is not happening: to change how you feel and what you think.

Where to begin?

I’ve spent some of the last six days trying to figure out where to begin this story. I could start in the place where God told me it was the “beginning of time,” but that was already quite a ways into my story. I could start the day that the set-up began, the one that ties together Taylor Momsen’s songs about a boy on the run, having pockets full of high… to the the Spin Doctors decades earlier tale of those same pockets being filled with either Kryptonite or Diamonds. Even then, I’d really be leaving out … everything. You see, the story I am telling you today began millennium ago, it’s the fulfillment of the most ancient of all prophesies, a story that began well before I was born, or could have considered whether or not I wanted to be …. or whether or not the world should see. What is happening now in our lifetime is something that has been prepared for since the earliest days of Creation, and in my microcosmic world–where I am a decent representation for humanity, as my name implies… one small man that represents all of mankind, there really is no beginning to the Creation of Adam, just as there is no beginning to Creation at all.

This little story I am going to tell you, just as soon as I can, ties together ancient religions and deities as far back as Amon-Ra and Osiris. Horus and Moses and their dividing and assembling of the lands and seas, all through the eyes of a single boy, who himself sees through the eyes of God on High, that there is a little piece of something “Him” in everything in “we.” Something me, in you. -Matchbox 20.

Just like my story was crafted well before the first Feast of the Immaculate Conception all those years ago in 1980… what is happening right now was sung about decades before my birth that year, by Jimmy in the back with pockets full of high… Mr. Morrison’s star has just fallen from the sky. It’s this story, this glimpse into the divine mind that is the reading of Holy Grail, the Sang Rael… this is true fire that Moses now sees at the Burning Bush, and I see it spreading far and wide, and lighting us all up as we hear from the next best thing how all of creation began in a place that looked just like us, but nothing at all like here.

I say it’s through my eyes that the Revelation becomes clear, but truly it’s through a good understanding of me. I know, you see, that I am the congealing of thousands of years of religious prophesy, of a history designed to focus everyone and everything in the entire Universe on what we are doing right here… it’s through this knowledge that what it means to be created becomes really clear. This is the thing, the impossibility, to see the paradox of a prophesy so grand that it has already changed everything in the world to come true. There was a place like ours, long before religion existed; a place born with no Gods at all… and it is from that place that we come–and yet we will never know it. What it means to be a God, and what it means to see how religion has fundamentally altered the course of the history of humanity is truly the how and the why of God himself. His purpose is to teach us not to will ourselves out of existence, by wanting to go back and … it’s right at that moment, that we start to fade away. Just like that first world… faded away.

The Flux Capacitor is his glowing Y, he’s teaching us the fundamentals of time travel, the whole world–because that’s what it takes to continue… in the light.