Hearing, Dreaming, and Seeing the Light.

Adam Marshall Dobrin
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7 min readApr 11, 2016

I started out beginning to write that the “light of these signs” lied in the prescient reference to our modern chemistry elements, and I was very mistaken. The meaning, experience, and beliefs that are “revealed” through the use of these symbols is infinitely more important.

While the “key” to the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ began in the very early days of my experience trying to imagine how the world could be saved… I wouldn’t see it’s relationship to other stories in the Bible or to the fundamental universal acceptance which I not only hold dear, but feel obligated to tell you was something I feel “given” to me. I often remark that I have the right answer or correct intent at the outset of a discussion; and that I am keenly aware that this “early head start” is something that does not come from me innately but from what I call the “Sword of Jesus Christ,” it is something that I am very thankfully forced to adhere to. What I am describing can be gleaned well from the “Baptism in Water” that is the Sang Rael, and from a number of other religious nuances which appear to serve the purpose of not only aiding intention but also chronicling that this aid is needed. The words “for repentance” in Matthew 3:11 make me remorseful in the implication that without the “sword” perhaps I would not have been so perfectly altruistic.

On a “cuter” note, religious imagery like the name “I AM” serves as a subtle … yet eventually obvious “lead” for me to suggest the proper stance to take is “WE ARE;” and that like the Holy Grail and the name of the “First Messiah” in Hebrew (Hosea, just shy of being the Whole Sea) it served as both inspiration and confirmation of the “right thing to do” as we begin discussing … Judah Meant: “day.” That’s an ((ish)) that I feel is very … Adam, though it too is most likely all part of the drive and story, one which is correcting the mistakes that are at the very least in the Word, and possibly in the hidden history. Just don’t Judge, I often said, in response to the idea of Judgement…. but truth be told the very earliest incarnation of that idea was mired by yet another problem that pervades religion: reflexive control. In the earliest moments of this role, I was given the explanation and thought it worthy of repeating that “Judge not lest ye be judged” expanded the “ye” to “your Earth.” I suppose I felt it nearly identical, and made the very mistake that we find all so often in religion and law; a threatened punishment intended to modify behavior… that I believed was “innocuous…” or alleviated by the outlandishness of the threat.

Another testament to the Sword, I have to mention what I did with the obvious lead in to “WE ARE,” and in my favorite tattoo… which depicts the Earth as a Heart shape… for “Eden” containing an A and Sigma… for “Adam and Everyone” … I changed the “WE” to the French rendition, “OUI” in what was a very insightful homage to God’s near ubiquitous pan-linguistic tricks, and his name’s reference to the word “Yes,” “Ya,” and “Si.” Despite this inked indiscretion, I firmly do believe that “WE” is much more important than “I,” and that feeling is so fundamental to the concept of Salvation, Christ, and America… that it is the truly the light of this first Symbol, the Iron Rod of Jesus Christ.

So it was sometime during early 2013 that this voice, who I had come to call Jacob, began discussing how the disclosure of these technologies could help our civilization.

In these conversations, I suppose the “Unexpected” thing was that I was clearly being referred to as the Messiah; something that I had prior to that… not really thought within the realm of possibility. I knew that the story I was living had something to do with religion, but back then it was hit or miss day by day whether I thought there was any real truth behind scripture. I remember saying to Jacob, during the adventurous escapades that surrounded these long and informative discussions…. that “when you are this close to the creation of God, you don’t really believe in him.”

Since those days I have found a new strength in the Word, albeit in an interpretation which I know is not mainstream… yet has become the Rock which reminds me each and every day that the outcome of this struggle is beneficial, and that the intentions of nearly everyone involved are truly good. It’s sometimes difficult to explain a perspective that is optimistic, especially in light of the disclosure that while I do not believe that the fiery Hell described in the Bible would ever exist… that it was not a mistake all together to describe a place that is here to me, in my interpretation it’s sans fire and the condition of possibly “losing the light” that makes it so. It’s truth here, as it so often is… but specifically now we are at risk of losing the truth about our history, our family, and at the very worst of possibilities how it is that “Creation” sustains us.

Here, I’ve mentioned another technology… one that I think commonly relates “Creation” to Virtual Reality.

It’s really a complete change in understanding of outlook, of what religion really is, and how assistance has up until now come to us… that I’ve gone through in the few years since this experience and today. At that time I would have, as I imagine you do, completely missed what I call a primary purpose of Creation… manifesting itself in the world around us. That goal is the creation of Heaven, and I now see our world and history as being guided very much towards an understanding of the technologies that are involved in the building of Heaven… from above. It’s much more than this disclosure, than the advanced near magical things that have been so pivotal in the survival of Us… it’s small things, like computers, user-interface, and medicine.

It’s clear to me now that the “Singularity,” the information transfer which many people are expecting to start with the Second Coming … or the creation of a “Child of Humanity” started in our very beginning. The great leaps we’ve had in the last hundred years are not coincidentally bringing us to a place where the ideas of religion have become a technical possibility… but rather are miraculously bringing us there.

It’s really perspective more than insight, it’s seeing that there is a great deal of assistance coming to us, yet in a way where we are initially unaware of it. You could say we are the Golden Children… of… it pains me a bit to say it, but I’m not sure who, exactly. The idea that this phenomenon is “recursive self-assistance” has been floated, and I myself have been used as a microcosmic tool for understanding it. It’s funny, before this very moment I would have told you that it’s not really “self-assistance” that even if our benefactors looked just like us, they lived different lives and aren’t really us. That’s partially true, in my mind, but just now it dawned on me that I probably would make lots of the same decisions as this … prior me … both good and bad. It sort of takes something away from the “now” not to see that we are also doing this, and that even if it isn’t the very first time.. we must be very much similar to be walking in their footsteps. At the same time, it’s unfair not to credit religion for what it is, an attempt to help us not make the same mistakes that were made before… ones that without warning we might very well blindly make again and again. It’s this benefit, of actually knowing that there is great wisdom and prior experience behind this message… that is so important to see comes from this new understanding of where religion really comes from. At the same time, I feel like our “now” and their “then” lose something from not having a dialog, from this moment… when I’m still not exactly sure… Who?

The knowledge that prophesy being fulfilled, that there is true prescience in the words of religion, is something that gives me a strong desire to search for the wisdom and guidance… which you might all together miss without it being pointed out to you. I missed almost all of it, up until the point that I really went looking for it–and frankly even then I know it was handed to me.

It is perhaps a portent… that the light is so bright, so plentiful, really so needed to make sense of not just religion and history, but of us… and yet so easily overlooked. Again, it had to be pointed out to me, almost two years after this “beginning” event, and despite seeing proof of advanced technology, hidden history, and even seeing focus and purpose… I saw everything but the “help,” and it’s really there, everywhere, and bright.

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Originally published at haph2rah.wordpress.com on April 11, 2016.