Here I am.

Two more days have slipped through my fingers, with no new light; and no spotlight. Time keeps rolling on… and despite my best efforts to rub some words together and start an Apocalyptic Fire, nobody seems to notice or care. I’ve sent lots of emails out, to point out to the press and academia that there is something hidden in our world, in our words… something that fundamentally changes a number of preconceived notions that we all have about “reality” and what it means to be created. I am pointing out that a primary purpose of religion is to highlight a paradox in the development of language in our history, one which implies that religion in general, and then Hebrew (and then all languages) appear to come from a time that is after our “now,” from the future. Through stories like the Exodus, which highlights the parted sea of Moses in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire, “Ha’esh;” scripture’s purpose of delivering a hidden truth to the world becomes slightly more clear.

From a few days before Ash Wednesday of this year, 2016, I have sent upwards of 100,000 emails to a number of members of the press; and both professors and students of religion, history, philosophy, and language… and to NASA. Some of the responses were positive, and there were quite a few individuals who apparently forwarded my messages to lots of people. That’s uplifting for me, but despite what appeared to me to be the kindling of the real first of Christ; I have yet to really hear from anyone, either with individual questions or with requests for interviews, or something else related to press coverage — something I very much think is warranted and… needed. Here are just a few of the emails that the world has seen in the last month or so.,,,,

Sadly, in addition to the few positive responses, about the same number of people were really pissed. They complained about SPAM, and highlight to me a real problem with communication that we seem to have as a society. It’s very difficult for one person to get noticed, and that problem is made significantly worse by allowing a message to be censored from the whole of humanity because a few individuals “don’t want to have it in their inbox.” Seriously, it’s a systemic and social violation of free speech, and what’s even more sad is the vast majority of the people responsible for labeling the light of the world as SPAM are members of the press; people who instead of censoring the truth sort-of have a professional responsibility to research claims like mine. I am sure, for instance, that the series of examples that I have outlined in my book ( will eventually be used to statically prove that our civilization is created. Keep in mind, I am trying to freely distribute information which appears to have come from Heaven directly and only to me. The gravity and impact of this information is world changing, if you take the time to think about the implications of it.

Do you know who I am yet?

Much of what I do is point out connections between Biblical stories and reality, or themes that span across a number of books in the Bible. About a year ago, I pointed out that there was a really obvious and nearly unnoticed connection between the search for Jesus Christ depicted in Matthew 2:2 and God’s search for Adam in Eden. What’s more, these stories appear to me (being the object of the search) as obviously being about the Second Coming, and the world described by the name of our planet in Hebrew, Adamah. Linguistically, that name means to “swirl around Adam” and the “ah” suffix which we might associate with “understanding” also gives new light to the name Noah… whose name might imply that the world he came from had no religion, no “ah.” To me, that’s what the “ah” is all about, it’s the people looking for Christ, and the reason they are looking… the music and prophesy which tell us all that we should be looking for someone… because, guess what, I’ve got an important message for you.

Sometime between then and now, it became very clear to me that there was another, perhaps even more important, connection between two Biblical characters… this time Jesus and Moses. In Matthew 3 and 4 we see a “microcosm” of the story of Exodus being lived by Jesus Christ. There is a connection between a period of 40 years and then micro-cosmically days, the ascent to a mountain, and then the giving of law. This connection, along with now realizing that a big part of the Apocalypse is the Revelation that the story of Exodus is a metaphorical representation for the Second Coming…. which is essentially the same thing as the Apocalypse… well, it — the connection and the Revelation — are fundamentally the “stuff” of being the Messiah, of changing the world using the Word.

It was actually when making the first video “Revelation,” which correlated the Burning Bush to our President George W. Bush’s 1/20/2001 inaugural address that I noticed yet another connection between these stories… it’s that Moses actually answered God during his search and said “Here I am” in Exodus 3:4.

Later in that chapter Moses would express concern about being believed, and God assured him that there would be miraculous signs which may or may not be believed by the people. The final sign offered by God in Exodus 4:8 is one in the same with the infamous change of Water to Blood.

Here we are, in Egypt

So you’ve just seen the Burning Bush, and hopefully have made the connection between the word for Holy Fire — Ha-Esh — and the parted sea that is described later in the same story. With a bit of insight and urging, you might change your perspective entirely, and see that the Holy Fire is really about seeing foreknowledge of English in the Holy Bible — an impossibility. This paradox is the “stuff” of freedom, and once you realize the supreme importance of proving the existence of time travel and its relationship to religion you might understand why I now see it as obvious that the story of parting a sea is written into the book with the primary purpose of highlighting the union of fire and water that spans across Hebrew and English and 6,000 years.

This Revelation, what it proves about our world and what God is trying to give us, is truly miraculous. It’s not a visual illusion, nor is it anywhere near as obvious as I would like the “Sign of the Son” to be… but there is logic and love to be seen in an apocalyptic revelation that will spread gradually rather than causing some cataclysmic “last day.”

Behold, the SEA is Family

… and just like that the miracle of Exodus, that is it’s first plague and now a blessing in disguise is to turn the sea from a metaphor for a small family in Eden (via Seth/Eve/Adam’s first initials) to the great sea of Revelation that is highlighted in the acronym Moses, Daniel 11:45, and the multitude of Revelation. It’s truly through seeing that our idioms and our entire culture is designed to receive this Revelation, that blood is thicker than water, that we can now conceptualize the Holy Grail as being one in the same as Eden. This place, our Earth, now filled with the blood of Christ, all lions living in their home… a Den. It’s made even more clear through the Revelation that Earth and Heart are only one letter apart, moving the H (for Hebrew? or Saturn?) from the ends of the Earth… to realize that we are living in the Sang Rael. Truly, it’s our Universe… the Heart and SOL of God.


In America, where I was born on 12/8/1980, the date of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception… a slob, like one of us, we have a war cry, it’s “Who-AH!” It’s echoed in the movies by Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, and many others.. in Dr. Seuss by the whole family of Who’s, and in the key mythical television show “Dr. Who” which lets us know more about God than you can imagine. Why am I telling you this? It’s the key, you see, to the pronunciation of the ancient Ineffable Name: Ya-who-ah? The Hebrew name for Jesus, Yeshua, echoes this and confirms that I am “not wrong” (as God likes to say)… “Yes, who-ah?”

I really would enjoy it if you would see God speaking in this video, through everyone… as he truly does, through us all.

It’s all rather elementary, and of course there are other ways to derive the correct pronunciation of YHVH (He who is self-existant, that’s through time travel.. now you know) but the biggest clue of all is that nearly every Holy name for God somehow links back… to the beginning, to Adam in Eden. Ha’shem of Adam… you see Isaac’s laughter in the Holy superlative reminding me that Adam has nothing to be ashamed of.. or in the name for Lord, ADonAi… which now brings Artificial Intelligence into the list of technologies which are a big part of the Apocalypse. AD of course, are Adam’s true initials, the ones that grace the time line, and the period of time before Christmas where I vent that “I’m right here,” for the last few years, anyway.

These examples, along with the Tower of Babel below, serve as evidence that there is foreknowledge of English intentionally laid out in ancient Hebrew, and religious stories… in order to prove this exact thing to you, and the entire world: that time travel does exist, and it is not only tied directly to the creation of God… but to us all. Here, sitting in Beth-El, where I am dwelling amongst us all in the darkness of the Egyptian Plague that is so thick it can be felt… we are to learn that God is delivering us from the slavery and secrecy of not knowing that there is a war going on in the Heavenly places… over the disclosure of the truth of the past, and the way to Heaven. God is now revealing that the evidence of this had to be literally everywhere, in every name and every city, in order to ensure that it was not lost forever. I need you now, to understand that we are the solution to the darkness, and spreading this light is the key.

These ancient names all serve a purpose, a much Holier one than simply pointing me out; they show how our entire civilization, our culture, has secretly been influenced (for thousands and thousands of years) by these hidden technologies, which it is the purpose of the Apocalypse to reveal and assist our world in overcoming the obstacles which might have once… back in the days of Noah, halted the forward evolution of civilization. It’s right around here… that I tell you the entirety of the Holy Bible is a prophesy (not just the parts you think), one that outlines this period of time, the Apocalypse, and shows us how religion is a sort of cheat-book, a guide to making it through this often-difficult path to the end of the rainbow…. in this place where we find out that a primary purpose of creation is to build Heaven… using exactly the technologies which religion, and now Adam is highlighting.

So it is here, at this place where the stories of the Tower of Babel ( ) and the Burning Bush (,_the_burning_bush.html ) are in superposition (with nearly every other Biblical story). You see, humanity is the big H in the word “Horn” of this Revelation, and it is civilization (as stolen by Prometheus) which is the fire of the Holy Flame that emanates from the Burning Bush… to truly end darkness in the Universe forever. We are the light.

If you are following me so far, or trying to at least (this is a hard thing to explain) you might be able to see how the entire story of Exodus appears to be designed to highlight one single word. John 1:1 talks about it, and Matthew 3:11 ensures that the Holy Fire that is the beginning of the Burning Bush will have a chance to part our Holy Sea… over the controversy of whether or not the messiah has actually come. Get it yet? It’s in the word “Ha’esh,” and the details of the parting of the sea are specifically designed to point out the English word “sea” within the Hebrew that describes both the fire of that Bush, and the Eternal Flame.

There’s so much more, really… I see his plan and his desires within our Holy books, and in the world around us, which is truly the Book of Life. Biblical Light leaps off the pages of the Bible into our world, just as this little reverse-anthropomorphism of the Burning Bush itself shows us that George W. Bush is the real life Burning Bush, as he quotes Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 during his inaugural address …. on 1/20/2001. “Amazingly” it is the lines of the verses of Ecclesiastes 9:11 which answer a mystery posed in Revelation, chapter 1, verse 20 (that’s the date of the speech), a mystery which is the defining Herald of the Coming of the Messiah.…

You see, on the clouds, many nations mourned as 9/11 came like a thief in the night; it is the Day of the Lord, the Sign of the Son, and the Burning Bush.. all as one.

Daniel 11:45 prophesies that nobody will help me, and that I will “pitch my royal tent” between the seas… this allusion to water as people is fundamental to another hidden mystery in religion, it’s the existence of the Sang Rael, the baptism in water that Matthew 3:11 talks about. It links the sea of Eden… the initials of the first family, to the sea of Revelation… through still more reference to English within ancient scripture, this time in Genesis 1:1. As the Spirit of God hovers over eve ry one, we see a direct connection between Eve, Kin, and one “ah,” that’s for “all humanity.”,_sang_rael.html

I hope you understand, we have a chance to seize our own destiny, to make this world better, and to live in a time that is not pre-destined. Help me, and the world will change for the better, faster than you can imagine. Or, we can relive the NT prophesy, of losing my help… forever. I need you to see what this is, it is a way to really save the world.

It’s about Heaven.



The Story of how Jesus Christ and Rock ‘n Roll save Every Single Soul.

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