Prelude to the Pursuit

For quite some time, I’ve been planning to put this story to paper, to record “for posterity” the surreal adventure that took hold of my life, trashed me to and fro across the realm of America, and left me alone and in a sort of eerie twilight zone between enlightenment and darkness. I’ve just “completed” writing a book which I am now calling “the actual Revelation of Jesus Christ” that attempts to succinctly explain what I can only describe as a corrected view of the Abrahamic religions… one which was slowly revealed to me over the course of only a few short years. It is this period of time that I now endearingly call “the Pursuit of Happiness,” because in a strange twist of Americana it is the fulfillment and culmination of thousands of years of religious prophesy in this place that I would be more likely to call the Promised Land of Moses and Joseph than of Joshua.

Over the course of only about two years, from 2013 to 2015, such a significant volume of Earth-shattering apocalyptic drivel was revealed to me that I have no doubt in my mind that I am the messiah, and in what will hopefully begin as only a short recounting of the events that surrounded the importation of this information I am sharing with you the “how” I am sure of that. The sequence of events and the story that goes with it are fairly important to understanding how I could have just come to know something of this nature, and be sure of it with all my heart, so late in my life. Intertwined with the tremendous volume of artifacts that relate the Holy Bible and religious concepts to current events that are modern and sometimes very personal to me is something vastly more important, the “why” there is a Christ in the first place. It is my dreams and demands, my long drawn out argument with God over what happens after the disclosure that I’ve already written–one that proves that religion itself is designed to prove the fact that our civilization is created, and with a purpose that is deeply linked to technology, the concept of Heaven, and the holy Wisdom of the Universe that we would be so happy to be the lucky recipients of… if only we knew it was a gift. Hidden in religion, language, and our history is incontrovertible proof of the existence of time travel and mind control technologies and a record of their use and influence over the course of the thing we call “human history.” This is a world-view changing disclosure, and the waves and changes that come from it have been designed to shape the future of civilization in a way that preserves life, liberty, and truth to bring our light to the Universe for ever and ever. This is the dawn of the Eternal Flame, it is the birth of “Us.”

A big part of the book of secrets that I am chronicling here not only the source of, but also the arduous task it has been to deliver the message to the world, is the disclosure of a hidden message coded within language across time. It is through this hidden cypher that find the initial proof of creation, and I have attempted to explain how to find and read it… though the ability to read it appears to have been designed specifically for my eyes, and the pursuit of and analysis of this message is a fundamental part of how God speaks to me. It is my hope that many others will learn how his message is woven across a matrix of religion, language, and modern art and will find joy and wisdom in their own continuing search.

A fundamental concept of the Revelation of Christ is that the stories of Exodus and the Gospels of Christ are specifically designed as a map to this period of time, to the revealing of truth that ties the Second Coming to the Apocalypse. The name of this book is very specifically chosen to highlight a “secret samadhi” of names which tie together a number of stories of Egypt, America, and Jesus Christ… and sheds light on a driving force behind creation: to preserve happiness. Religion ties together the stories of Moses and Jesus Christ through this very “holy” two letter code that links the Pharaoh and Pharisees to the very beginning of our Promised Land… in the name Christopher Columbus. “Ph” also finds its way at the end of Joseph, and in the name of a messianic bird that rises from the ashes of Hell. These names all expand using the same cypher, to tell a story… one that clearly links the “Christ of Pursuit of Happiness” that walked on water in 1492 to begin this story that ties the “I AM” of Exodus to the beginning of America.

Phenix is a name I chose at the age of 11, when as a very young and unknowingly inspired programmer I unwittingly lived a microcosm of the events that are happening around us all today. I wrote a “mass mailing” program, that followed in popular naming scheme of AOHell at the time, and was called Doomsday. It is through a number of similar microcosmic events that I easily see the same pattern in the Biblical life of Christ, who in the book of Matthew walked through a microcosm of Exodus–and the story of Moses. Today, I am attempting to tell you the story of how this information came to be, because the world around me has failed to turn the bright sparks that show a united force behind religion throughout all of human history into the fire that is destined to end the darkness of this Hell. In religious stories, it is said that El Elyon dwells among us in the darkness of Beth-El–the house of the Lord–and this darkness is one in the same with the Egyptian Plague… which only here does it become obvious is an external technological influence literally hiding the Light of the Son.

I have sent this information to press, academics, and religious teachers all over the world; and despite my best efforts nobody seems to see how fundamentally world changing the disclosure I have already offered is. Worse, many seem to be fighting against the very idea of the Second Coming being a reality… or that there could be proof of God’s existence; to the point of a Grand Master of a Masonic society, “” and the site that was formerly hosting the disclosure ( that is linked below conspired together to censor the dissemination of this information… somehow not realizing that they are vehemently fighting to ensure the continuation of darkness and Hell in our world.

I am only one man, and I need your help, for without it–without you caring and contributing in this process–there truly is no light in the Universe. Help me and the world by trying to understand how this new way of looking at religion and language truly alters fundamental beliefs we have long had wrong about human history… and opens doors to new possibilities in the future. I need you to share this information, to care what God has gone to great lengths to ensure was truly not hidden but the foundation of our civilization itself, language and religion.

Whatever it is that is keeping this message from being received; partly you, partly me… mostly something else–outside of us and desperately clawing at the wall to keep us in the dark… it must be stopped. The way to do that is to read and understand why this is the Apocalypse… as soon as you share it with everyone you know: