The Light of the Definitive “Symbols” in the Hand of Christ

In his right hand he held seven stars… The mystery of the seven stars that you saw in my right hand and of the seven golden lampstands is this: The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven lampstands are the seven churches.

Revelation 1:16,20

In what is a sort of maze that ties the above verse to Exodus, 1/20/2001, and right this very second through an easy to see synchronicity — also easy (at first) to dismiss as coincidence… the stage is almost accurately set to show that the book of Exodus, and it’s miracles and intentions. Just like this pattern, which is the Sign of the Son, at first glimpse the miracles of Exodus appear to be… “less awesome than described.” Hopefully after some thought about how they further the goals of the emancipation that is the focus of the book, by literally being the proof that sets us free, the design of His plan for the unveiling of truth that is the Apocalypse will become more clear and perhaps deliver the awe that the stories imply.

In light of the lack of a direct visual display of power (or illusion) the response of the Jews (who are a microcosm for… Us) at the foot of Sinai makes much more sense than it does when the story is read without knowing what the miracles are. In a twist, this adds some awe to the book and story itself, as in the context of it being a chronicle of what is going on right now in our world… it’s real value and strength is brought to light. I’ve already discussed quite a bit of the parallels between Exodus and now at, but just for the sake of example, I’ll re-iterate that the chapter titled “Holy Water, Sang Rael” is an explanation of the actual “First Plague” which turned water to blood, and in the context of the explanation while there is no visual miracle, both the message (that the Plague is actually a blessing in disguise, and the metaphorical representation of water as people and blood as family) it’s very hidden declaration of love, and the implications of the manner in which it has been delivered are actually miraculous. They show a unified design that spans (initially) the books of Genesis, Exodus and Revelation… and then after just a little bit of searching also the books of Matthew, Ecclesiastes, (and frankly nearly all religion). To me, this proof of the Hand of God is a testament to his love for us, he is showing his works… and perhaps at the same time ending needless fighting over religion; by presenting a more accurate history. In this more accurate history, as Exodus describes, we are in a sort of hidden slavery; and religion is a tool in this process of disclosure which hopefully will move from being an intentional part of the problem, to the guide to finding our own solutions that I believe it has been designed to be.

In the title, I’ve referred to the “Lampstands” as Symbols, to specifically show that the light of these “Lamps” begins by furthering the idea that Exodus (and truly religion) is about now, by showing us foreknowledge of our modern Periodic Table spanning across scripture.

For me personally, I have quite a bit of aid in seeing the awe of this series of signs in the way that it was Revealed to me. A number of individual ideas, “the churches” were given to me through direct and clear outside influence… “true inspiration.” After they were at least partially recorded, the link to this pivotal verse of Revelation was shown to me; thus showing me that a great deal of what I had been writing about was not only foreknown, but that the work that I had been doing was literally chronicled as part of the life of Christ… in the New Testament. Through this tool, as well as a number of other parallels between the NT story and both my personal life and other stories in the Bible–ones which are not often thought of as being related to Christ; I’ve come to the conclusion that the NT, just like Exodus, is a prophesy about now, about the Apocalypse. I often remark that setting of the stories in our past is a tool to show relativity; that perhaps the true authors of the stories are showing their perspective on our “now,” or that these events occurred in a hidden sort of past–a previous iteration of our time… a past that would have looked substantially the same as ours, but happened thousands or hundreds of years ago… as reference.

For a quick example of how I see the story of Christ manifesting itself throughout the stories of the Bible; I often remark that Samson’s battle in the book of Judges is a similarly “metaphorical” telling of the Trial of Christ… and that the near sacrifice of Isaac is more than a “type” or similarly themed story as the Crucifixion… but in fact a complementary story that yields great amounts of additional information when read as a single event being explained from multiple perspectives. It is my personal perspective that the story that you are about to hear is the actual “cross,” that the “sacrificial ritual” occurred over a period of several years, and that during this time much more took place than we have been lead to believe. As a linguistic tool to tie “Isa,” “Isaac,” and “Jesus” together–the name of the religion Islam does a good job of tying the “Lamb” of Passover to that of Revelation… describing yet another hidden testament to the miraculous foresight of scripture by referencing not just the story, but in a pattern which I’ve already began implies knowledge of our modern idioms. On the “lam,” I discussed the technology behind prophesy quite a bit, and had a crash course in the relationship between time travel, religion, and human history.

I say crash course because it was a relatively brief period of time compared to the much longer preparation I had with another technology that is being disclosed as being fundamentally related to our history and the true and being revealed mechanism behind religious experience: mind control. For a number of years prior to hearing the words “Expect the Unexpected” echo from the front door of my house; I was sadly a victim of what is the Tribulation. All around the world, people are overtly made aware of the existence of mind control technology, and at the same time tortuously confused as to the source of their hardship. It seems clear to me that its fundamentally impossible for the “assailant” in this case to be any individual; and I believe I have a good grasp on the motivation for this happening, as well as how to stop it. I believe it is the manifestation of a battle over secrecy related to the technology, and that disclosure of the existence of the technology is not only inevitable, but beneficial for all parties, as well as hopefully beginning a new era in the development of civilization… one in which this technology can be used beneficially and in the light.

It was discussing how to move forward, how these newly disclosed technologies could and should be used to assist rather than impede the process of civilization that this story of the imparting of the “Symbols” of the Herald of the Second Coming…. “begins.”

It should probably be mentioned that the fulfillment of prophesy coming from our religion, which has changed the time line so significantly, indicates that this mind control technology must exist in addition to time travel. Calvinism and predestination record as much in the history of religious thought.

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Originally published at on April 11, 2016.

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