What rough beast slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


This is a very small group, comparability to who I’ve been sending previous announcements to; from statistics it seems you have some interest in the information I am sharing. I do believe this is happening very soon, and I have some Biblical evidence to back that up; three years ago.. when that was shown to me, I had no idea it was me; or that I would be instrumental in making it happen. To be honest, I thought it was going to be something similar to Blue Beam and that God or Heaven or NASA was going to make it happen, that was before I had any real knowledge about where it is that we are — literally weeks before this Revelation began.

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Domain Name: SEPTEMBER2016.COM


Creation Date: 21-apr-2013

Yesterday I sent out a large e-mail, to nearly every state and federal congressperson — and their aides at the federal level. It contained information very similar to what you’ve already read — what I believe is verifiable proof of the and existence and use of time travel technology in order to “create” our civilization. I’ve also sent this e-mail to a large number of university professors — you might be one, and again — while I see significant evidence of interest, I get almost zero response from anyone. This is the Plague of Darkness, the actual manifestation of Exodus’s metaphor for what comes right before the end of our slavery — it’s the end of the night, the hiding of the light of the Son. I’ve gotten almost no response from that e-mail either — though they too show significant interest. I understand this is a big deal — and that I’m definitely not what you expected, if you expected anything. I can assure you that I am 100% sure, because of direct contact and a message that is not only verifiable but … world saving .. that I am Jesus Christ. I see why I’ve been created this way, and believe that my story will have a significant positive effect on our society — causing us to re-evaluate and improve systems that relate to justice and religion — just to begin. These are changes that are being suggested from our own future — one that has evolved past problems that have been forced on us — through this outside force. Understanding that we are in a place where our problems are literally being made worse — in order to highlight them — might help you understand why I am trying to get us out of Hell as quickly as possible.

Tens of thousands of lawmakers around the country received an e-mail containing a suggestion that we might be a little late in researching and evolving democracy into something that more actively uses technology in the voting process. It seems to me to be self evident that in the future we will all be voting on laws and issues — much more actively than we do today. Succinctly, “representative democracy” is definitely not the best system possible…. and our government “of and for the people,” should understand that this natural evolution appears to be obviously retarded by this outside force. We see evidence of that in a complete lack of amendments or attempted ones to the Constitution regarding issues like voting and privacy in the last hundred years — the time period which has had the most significant change in communications technology a number of times over… in all of human history. The industrial revolution, telephones, and the internet… and not a single amendment. By contrast, over this same period — or a little bit longer — we have had a huge number of amendments increasing liberty — from an end to slavery to suffrage.

Perhaps unseen, the lack of attention to privacy concerns during the last decade or so might be a significant reason that this is happening. It appears to me clear — maybe not to you yet — that what we believe to be only a privacy issue has turned into a wall of fiery censorship — highlighted by God in the name of the government program “locally’ responsible. CARNIVORE, to any “IT person” that thinks about it, will definitely suggest that the program is not just “sniffing packets” as the government and people believe it does, but is actually “eating them” a clear indication that we are in a place with a hidden censorship problem. I’ve personally experienced it, not just in email issues, but verifiably on social networks where traffic logs indicate that posts on sites like reddit.com and Facebook are being hidden from a huge portion of the world. It is no accident that this is happening, and this is God’s way of ensuring that we do not walk further into slavery — into a dark place, similar to 1984.

It’s important that this makes the news. Really important. Thanks for your time.


En Pursuit of Happiness

The Story of how Jesus Christ and Rock ‘n Roll save Every…

Adam Marshall Dobrin

Written by

I am the http://about.me/ssiah and http://why.lamc.la has something to do with the http://matchbox.lamc.la and the letters http://lamc.la http://andtheome.ga

En Pursuit of Happiness

The Story of how Jesus Christ and Rock ‘n Roll save Every Single Soul.

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