Rare Books — Summer 2019

From Beavers to Biases. From Fish to Forests. Our summer 2019 Rare Books has something for everyone!

Some Stories

By Yvon Chouinard

Two-sentence synopsis: For much of his life, Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard has courted adventure, excelled at business and advocated for the environment. In Some Stories, he looks back at the highlights and lessons from each, and shares stories and photos on a wide array of topics (all printed on 100% postconsumer-waste recycled paper).

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By Jennifer Eberhardt

Two-sentence synopsis: Various biases are hard-wired into the human brain contributing to some of society’s greatest challenges — addressing the climate crisis is a great example. In Biased, Eberhardt explores how our biases shape our perception of different races, and how they impact our policies, our culture, and our lives.

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By Ben Goldfarb

Two-sentence synopsis: Turns out, the beaver is more than a great ambassador for the rodent order. Environmental journalist Ben Goldfarb tracks how the colonization of North America and the trapping of beavers altered the landscape, and the restoration efforts that are helping bring back these animals critical to healthy ecosystems and natural disaster prevention.

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Protecting Pollinators

By Jodi Helmer

Two-sentence synopsis: Despite being the unsung heroes of the global food system, pollinators — bees, bats, butterflies and other creatures — are in trouble. Jodi Helmer explores what has driven pollinators to the brink, as well as the innovative ideas and conservation efforts that are might bring them back (butterfly highways, anyone?).

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Vanishing Fish: Shifting Baselines and the Future of Global Fisheries

By Daniel Pauly

Two-sentence synopsis: The world’s preeminent authority on global fisheries continues his exploration of, and explanation for, diminishing fish populations and dwindling fish catches around the world. In this series of essays, Daniel Pauly not only examines the problems of overfishing and underreporting fish catch, but also offers solutions such as boosting the ability of small-scale fisheries to feed the planet.

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The Overstory

By Richard Powers

Two-sentence synopsis: Readers may at first think they’re reading several disparate stories spanning decades and continents only to find out that the real protagonists of Richard Powers’ novel are the trees. While the human characters are complex, passionate, and endearing, the trees’ perspective and their role in the overlapping stories is at the root of helping readers branch out with their world view.

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Eat Like a Fish

By Bren Smith

Two-sentence synopsis: With our oceans scarred by overfishing, and our food system wreaking havoc on the health of people and the climate, author Bren Smith offers restorative ocean farming as a solution to both. From the perspective of a former commercial fisherman, Eat Like a Fish is a personal journey into uncovering the possibilities of sea-based agriculture — for creating jobs, enhancing our diet, and protecting the ocean.

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Children’s Pick

Save the Ocean

By Bethany Stahl

Two-sentence synopsis: How do you nurture budding ocean conservationists? Beautiful illustrations and a friendly sea turtle.

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