Hold On, We’re Going Home
Our Medium experiment has ended.

For the last year, In Review Online has been publishing its current film and music reviews right here, at the InRO Outpost, while our original home underwent construction. However, if you visit InReviewOnline.com today, you’ll notice a big difference from the homepage that’s greeted you for the last eight-odd years, and that has been updated little in the last 12 months. We have completely rethought our presentation, and we’re pretty happy with the results. So far, we’ve only moved over our current film reviews—those from our time here at Medium and a good chunk of what came before—but in the coming weeks our current music reviews will also be on the new site. (In the mean time, all of our reviews from the last year will remain available here on Medium.) Any and all new pieces we publish will, of course, be published to the new site. And that includes all the new and exciting things we’re planning for 2016. We’re just getting started—hold on.

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